"Lady and the Kids"
Season 2, Episode 18
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"You're So Hot"
"Stay Connected"

"Lady and the Kids" is the eighteenth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Lady goes with her children to an amusement park in Ooo.


Jake was about the leave Lady's house after visiting his children. He said he had to go to work with their uncle. Finn and Jake then went on adventure. Lady said that she was going to take the kids along with her to the amusement park in Ooo.

Upon arrival there the family went in several attractions having much fun together. However when the kids were in the rollercoaster, where Lady didn't dare to go in, she was approached by a gray bulldog. He introduced himself as Spike and wanted to aks Lady some questions. He took her to a quiet place and kidnapped her. After the kids got out of the ride they couldn't find their mother and looked all over the park for her. T.V. was rolling around and found a secret button which opened a door to a secret lair. Jake Jr. led the group into it.

Lady asked why he was doing this. Spike responded that Jake always has bullied him in class, and that Finn always went along with it. And now he's going to hurt one of Jake's loved ones to get revenge for that. He wanted to slash Lady with a whip when suddenly the kids storm into the room. The kids fought with Spike, but they couldn't win it so they transformed. However Spike stretched his body and blocked all the attacks. Spike stretched even bigger until he became some kind of a Godzilla. Jake Jr. shouted that they should use their second transformation, so the kids transformed into a Giant Battle Mech-like form. The mech fought against the giant Spike and they eventually claimed victory. They threw Spike into an eternal ride through themost annoying attraction of the world as they continued having a fun day at the amusement park.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Snail can be seen on the ground when the Giant Battle Mech-like form falls on the ground.

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