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LEGO Adventure Time: The Video Game is a video game. It is based on the LEGO Adventure Time product line. It is available on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, PC,Nintendo,Nintendo 3DS(3D Version),Mobile, IPhone, IPad Mac, IOS, PSP & PS2.


LEGO Adventure Time The Video Game

The game revolves around Seasons 1-4 of Adventure Time. Features from previous Lego games are incorporated, including building, driving, an easy-to-navigate hub, minikits, power bricks, custom characters, True Hero, free-roaming vehicle levels, accessibility & humor. The hub is Candy Kingdom. In the Grand Hall, you pick a level. In the Lab, you customize a character and buy them. Minikits are available in the dungeon.

New features include abilities exclusive to each character. For example, Finn can spin his sword & run headlong into enemies, flinging them away, Jake can use his trademark Stretchy-Powers, Leonard has the ability of hacking into energy sources and can blast down metal doors with his mechanical eye. Marceline can suck life from enemies, etc. Note that Finn & Jake's abilities also apply to Fionna & Cake. Power bricks and cheatcodes are in Princess Bubblegum's bedroom, and movie clips are available by turning the bookcase in the Grand Hall to access a secret room. There, you can watch clips. On the rooftop, you can go back inside or go up etc. On the roof, you can see 4 elevator slots. Each slots will let you play the secret game modes, like: "Character Bonus: Grasslands", "Super Story", "Minikit Bonus: Ice Kingdom" etc. After you play these secret modes, you earn a bonus amount of studs and unlock a secret character. Outside of the castle, you can see the candy people wandering around. You cannot interact them. You can interact a character that you been unlocked, wandering around the kingdom.


Starting characters

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • 10 custom characters

Unlocked by playing story modeEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum (18 & 13-years old, Sick)
  • Marceline (Why-Wolf Dress, Red Shirt, Red Tanktop, Blue Shirt, & Sunhat versions)
  • Leonard McLean
  • Ice Princess
  • Jason
  • Elf Prince
  • Huntress Wizard
  • Jungle Princess
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Finn (Pajamas)
  • Jake (Boots)
  • Slime Princess
  • Wildberry Princess
  • Lumpy Space Princess
  • Raggedy Princess
  • Ghost Princess
  • Tree Trunks
  • Jiggler
  • Neptr
  • Penny
  • Party Pat
  • Ice King
  • Fionna
  • Cake
  • The Freaks (Gork, Kim, Trudy, Zap, Wee-Wee, Gorflax)
  • Godzilla
  • The Doctor (Matt Smith)
  • K-9
  • Lyle
  • Olivia
  • Sonia
  • Metal Finn

Buyable in hubEdit

  • Marceline (all other versions)
  • Finn (Tuxedo,Holiday Sweater)
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Starchy
  • B-MO
  • Peppermint Butler
  • Train Conductor
  • All other princesses
  • Gunter
  • Ice Queen
  • Prince Gumball
  • Marshall Lee
  • Lord Monochromicorn
  • Lumpy Space Prince
  • Melissa
  • Wolf
  • Penguin (Gunther)
  • Flame Princess
  • Tiffany
  • Marauders
  • The Lich
  • Bear
  • Duke of Nuts
  • Duchess of Nuts
  • Marquis of Nuts
  • General Pistachio
  • Lt. Cashew
  • Nut Soldier
  • Nut Bazooka
  • Nut Grenadier
  • Nut Pilot
  • Nut Commando
  • Nut Mechanic
  • Nut Captain
  • Candy Soldier
  • Candy Bazooka
  • Candy Grenadier
  • Candy Pilot
  • Candy Commando
  • Candy Marine
  • Candy SEAL
  • Candy Captain
  • Skeleton Soldier
  • Slime Soldier
  • Breakfast Soldier
  • Wildberry Soldier
  • Raggedy Soldier
  • Lumpy Space Soldier
  • Cute King
  • Cutie
  • Fight King
  • Gladiator Ghost
  • Ash
  • Scorcher
  • Earl of Lemongrab
  • Dwarf
  • All of the wizards who competed in Wizard Battle
  • Ice Queen
  • Prince Gumball
  • Marshall Lee
  • Shadow Assassin
  • Door Lord
  • Lich Prince
  • Shadow Prince
  • Shadow Soldier
  • Metal Finn
  • Princess Monster Wife
  • Hatless Finn
  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Benson
  • Pops
  • Skips
  • Muscle man&High five ghost
  • All movie avengers
  • Loki
  • Promise Pie
  • Skunk
  • Team of Blondes
  • Night Owl
  • Hunter (Terrasaur Megafigure Version; Final Unlockable)

Minor,Cameos and MentionedEdit

  • Mellissa
  • Wildberry Guards
  • Old Lady Princess

Secret Characters by completing the secret gameplaysEdit

  • Finn (Luke Skywalker)
  • Jake (Chewbacca)
  • Princess Bubblegum (Princess Leia)
  • Finn (Han Solo)
  • Jake (Darth Vader)
  • Ice King (Darth Vader)
  • Ice King (The Emperor)
  • Gunter (X-Wings)
  • B-MO (R2-D2)
  • B-MO (C-3PO)
  • Lady Rainicorn (Millennium Falcon)
  • Gunter (TIE Fighters)
  • Jake (Han Solo)
  • Jake (Yoda)
  • Wreck-It Finn
  • Fix-It Finn
  • Wreck-It Jake
  • Fix-It Jake
  • Princess von Bubblegum

Bonus CharactersEdit

  • Wreck It Ralph
  • Fix It Felix
  • Vanellope von Schweetz

Cheat codesEdit

Tired of unlocking something during the game play? Use These codes to make it easier.

22299KKOO: All characters

444TTTYYY: Score Multiplier X8

555TYUHJK: Score Multiplier X2

4445TYNGL: Stud Magnet

89990JKOL: Pistol

989I9ONBY: Shotgun

OJNG65789: Nun-chucks

O896H7680: Shuriken

00PIMYS9: Regenerate Hearts

9OY785890: Invisibility

98734OUEJ: Extra Heart

9999999999: Infinity Hearts

1011001010: Flying

0100110101: Death-kwan-do 

9999990000: Werewolf form

0000009999: Money X2


JACKPOT9: Money X25


GOLDMINE: Money X100

BILLGATE: Money X1000

ANIME4FAN: Anime style

LUCIFER?: Finn as Lucifer character get

MARVELIC: Get marvel characters

XIRTAREF: Unlock Hunter

): LOLZ Time


Here are the minikits in the game: (Note: You have to collect all capsules (aka minikits) before you view them.)

Finn Bot (finish season 1)

Ice King Bot (complete: "The Prisoners of Love")


Season 0

Pilot Episode

Playable Characters: Pen (Finn), Jake, Lady Rainicorn

Enemies: Ice King's Ice Bolts

Boss: Ice King

Season 1

The Enchiridion! Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: bats, snakes, gnomes

Boss: Baby-Faced Ogre, Skeleton Guy

Slumber Party PanicEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Princess Bubblegum (18-years old: Lab coat)

Enemies: Zombies

Boss: Giant Zombie

Trouble in Lumpy SpaceEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, LSP

Enemies: Lumpy Space Soldiers

Boss: None

Prisoners of LoveEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, LSP, Wildberry Princess, Slime Princess, Ghost Princess, Raggedy Princess

Enemies: Penguins

Boss: Ice King

Tree TrunksEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Tree Trunks

Enemies: Sign Zombies

Boss: Crystal Guardian

The JigglerEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Jiggler

Enemies: Tree Soldiers

Boss: Jiggler Mother

Ricardio The Heart GuyEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Heart Soldiers

Boss: Ricardio

Business TimeEdit

Playable characters: Finn, JakeEdit

Enemies: Businessmen-created robotsEdit

Boss: Finn Bot

My Two Favorite PeopleEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn

Enemies: Science Cat, Shark, Tiffany's henchman

Boss: Tiffany

Memories of Boom Boom MountainEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Marauders

Boss: Marauder Leader


Playable characters: Finn (Wizard), Jake (Wizard)

Enemies: Mind-controlled Wizard Students

Boss: BUFO


Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Penguins, Bats

Mini-Boss: Ice King

Boss: Marceline

City of ThievesEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Penny

Enemies: Thieves

Boss: Penny

The Witch's Garden'sEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Gary's Hatchlings

Bosses: Witch, Gary

What is Life?Edit

Playable characters: Finn, Neptr

Enemies: Penguins

Bosses: Ice-o-pede, Ice King

Ocean of FearEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Fear Feastlings

Boss: Fear Feaster

When Wedding Bells ThawEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Old Lady Princess

Enemies: Penguins

Boss: Ice King


Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Eye Creatures, Jelly Cubes, Bucket Knights

Boss: Demon Cat, Guardian Angel

The DukeEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Duke of Nuts

Enemies: Nut Soldiers

Bosses: Marquis of Nuts, Squirrel

Freak CityEdit

Playable characters: Finn (Foot), Jake, Freaks, Super Freak

Enemies: Magic Creatures

Boss: Magic Man


Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Donny

Enemies: Why-Wolves

Boss: None


Playable characters: Finn, Marceline

Enemies: Spiky soldiers

Boss: Jake

Rainy Day DaydreamEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Monsters

Boss: Riddle Master

What Have You Done?Edit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Penguins

Boss: Ice King

His HeroEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Townspeople

Boss: Cobbler

Gut GrinderEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Spikey People

Boss: Gut Grinder

Season 2Edit

It Came From The NightosphereEdit

Playable characters:finn Marcy

Boss: Marceline's Dad

The EyesEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: None

Boss: Horse/Ice King

Loyalty to the KingEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Nice King

Enemies: Princesses

Boss: Ice King

Blood Under The SkinEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Knights

Boss: Sir Slicer


Playable characters: Finn, Marceline

Enemies: Animals

Boss: Forest Wizard

Slow LoveEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Evil Snails

Boss: Snorlock

Power AnimalEdit

Playable characters: Jake, Nymphs

Enemies: Gnomes

Boss: Gnome Ruler

Crystals Have PowerEdit

Playable characters: Jake, B-MO

Enemies: Crystal Guardians

Boss: Tree Trunks/Quartzion

The Other TartsEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Taddle, Grimby, JJ, Chuds, Butterfly Bandit

Boss: Royal Tart Toter

To Cut a Woman's HairEdit

Playable characters: Finn, PB

Enemies: Tree Soldiers

Boss: Tree Witch

The Chamber of Frozen BladesEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Flambo, Dr. Princess

Enemies: Penguins

Bosses: Ice King

Her ParentsEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Robo-Rainicorns

Bosses: Bob & Ethel

The PodsEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Brainwashed-Mushroom People

Bosses: Piglets

The Silent KingEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Gummy

Enemies: Earclops, Dragons

Boss: Xergiok

The Real YouEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, PB

Enemies: Worms, 5th-Dimensional monsters

Boss: Crazed Finn

Guardians of SunshineEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Sleepy Sam, Bouncy Bee, Hunny Bunny

Boss: Giant Sleepy Sam


Susan StrongEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Susan Strong, Celina, PB

Enemies: Nut Soldiers

Boss: Marquis of Nuts

Friendly NPCs: Hyoomans

Mystery TrainEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Nut Soldiers

Boss: Conductor

Go With MeEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Marceline

Enemies: Candy Soldiers

Boss: PB


Playable characters: Leonard, Finn, Jason Vooheers

Enemies: Candy People, Banana Guards

Boss: PB

Belly of the BeastEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Party Pat

Enemies: Bears

Boss: Lava Creature

The LimitEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Hot Dog Nights

Playable vehicles: Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

Enemies: Golem, Crystalline Demon, Labyrinth Worm

Boss: Mud Eel

Video MakersEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Beemo, PB

Enemies: Crocodiles

Boss: None

Heat SignatureEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Marceline

Enemies: Ghosts

Bosses: Booboo, George & Wendy

Mortal FollyEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, PB, Ice King

Enemies: Skeletons

Boss: The Lich

Mortal RecoilEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Ice King

Enemies: None

Boss: Lich-Possessed PB

Season 3Edit

Conquest of CutenessEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Cuties

Boss: Cute King

Morituri Te SalatamusEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Gladiator Ghosts

Boss: Fight King

Memory of a MemoryEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Marceline

Enemies: Evil Wizards

Boss: Ash


Playable characters: Finn, Jake

Enemies: Penguins

Bosses: Scorcher, Ice King

Too YoungEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Princess Bubblegum (13-years old)

Enemies: Candy Soldiers

Boss: Lemongrab

The MonsterEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, LSP

Enemies: Little Green Men

Boss: None


Playable Characters: Ice King, Gunter

Enemies: Astral Beast

Boss: Finn & Jake

Wizard BattleEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Abracadaniel

Enemies: All of the other wizards that competed

Boss: Ice King

Adventure Time with Fionna & CakeEdit

Playable characters: Fionna, Cake

Enemies: None

Boss: Ice Queen

What Was MissingEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline

Enemies: None

Boss: Door Lord

Apple ThiefEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Tree Trunks

Enemies: Gangsters

Boss: Gang Leader

13 AgainEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Princess Bubblegum (18 & 13-years old)

Enemies: Candy Soldiers

Boss: Lemongrab

Jake Vs. Me-MowEdit

Playable characters: Finn,Jake,Wildberry Princess

Enemies: Wildberry Guards,Birds,Blue Birds

Boss: Me-Mow

The Finn IdentityEdit

Playable Characters: Finn, Fionna, Andrey

Enemies: Candy Thugs

Mini Boss: Ice King

Boss: Ricardio


Playable characters: Beemo, Flambo, Jake, Finn

Enemies: Fire People

Boss: Flame Princess, PB

List will expand as new episodes or previews air

Season 4Edit

Hot To The TouchEdit

Playable Characters: Neptr, Finn, Jake

Enemies: Brainwashed Goblins

Boss: Flame Princess

Five Short GrayblesEdit

Playable Characters: Finn, Jake, PB(Labcoat), LSP, Beemo


Boss: Ice King

Web WeirdosEdit

Playable Chracters: Finn, Jake, Ed


The LichEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, Robot

Enemies: Skeleton Soldiers

Bosses: Lich Prince, The Lich

Friendly NPCs: Candy Soldiers

Shock & AweEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Fionna

Playable vehicles: Tanks, Humvees, Turrets

Enemies: Nut Soldiers (All kinds)

Enemy Vehicles: Tanks, Humvees

Boss: Super Tank

Trip to the MoonEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Fionna

Enemies: Daleks

Boss: Supreme Dalek

Good SamaritanEdit

Playable characters: Finn, Jake , robot

Enemies: shadow Soldiers

Boss: Brainwashed PB , Lich Prince

Destruction & DespairEdit

Playable characters: Godzilla, Finn, Fionna, PB

Enemies: Tanks, F-35's

Boss: Secretary of State, King Ghidorah

The Phone (bonus level)Edit

Playable Characters: Beemo, Finn, Jake, Fionna, Cake

Enemies: Tiny Phones, Digital chips

Boss: Phone

Friendly NPC's: Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Candy Soldiers, Lyle, Olivia, Sonia

Weapons: Magic Powers, Vorpal hand

The Lost HeroEdit

Playable Characters: Jake, PB, Marceline, Flame Princess

Enemies: Penguins

Boss: Metal Finn, Ice King

Avengers Time!(hardcore level bonus)Edit

Playable charecters:All movie avengers,Finn,Jake,Modecai,Rigby,Pops,Benson,Skips,Muscle man&high five ghost

Enemies:Bank robbers,Frost giants,Aliens,club of Blondes,the hammer,Night owl,promise pie,skunk,hydra's


Mini-boss:Whiplash,abomination,Red skull and Loki

boss:Brainwashed avengers and park workers,Loki(can use only Finn&Jake)

hardcore boss:Galactus&Silver surfer(only Finn&Jake)

Season 5Edit

The Secret SisterEdit

Playable: Marceline, Finn and Jake

Enemies: Forest animals, undead, wolves

Boss: Marsha

Finn the HumanEdit

Playable Characters: Farmworld Finn, Farmworld Jake

Enemies: None

Boss: Farworld Marceline

Jake the DogEdit

Playable Characters: Finn the Ice King

Enemies: Sketleton Trooper

Boss: Jake The Lich

Bonus Story/iesEdit

Game TimeEdit

Playable Characters: Finn, Jake, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-it Felix

Enemies: Electrofied Surge Protectors

Boss: Cy-Bug Queen

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