Jasmine Darkwater
Jasmine Darkwater 2
Gender Female
Age 13
Species Human
Occupation Princess
Relatives Ginnie Lorna Darkwater, mother (deceased), Mitchell Peirce Darkwater, father (deceased), Shane Mitchell Darkwater, brother, Akina Lilla Darkwater, sister
Introduction Adventure Time Hilariousity, FFN Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine, here
Voiced by Liz Gillies
Birthday July 12

She is the princess of the imagination kingdom, and Finn's girlfriend. She is played by Victorious's Liz Gillies

History Edit

Jasmine can't remember her parents, because they died shortly after she was born, and she was raised by her older brother Shane, and her older sister Akina.

==Apperance and Equipement==

She is tanned. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes. She usually wears a pruple dress with purple ballet flats. She carries around a sword for the possibility of being attacked, she also wears a locket that used to belong to her mother.



Jasmine has been shown many times, to have the abbility to sing, and play a couple of instruments.


Jasmine is skilled in many forms of combat.


As shown in quite a few episodes, she can dance.


Jasmine tends to be a nice sweet person, who will usually try to befriend a person before assuming battle. If you screw with her though, you better have a death wish.


She knows most everyone in Ooo.

  • Jasmine has been show to fidget with her hair alot.
  • Occasionally, Jasmine and Finn will fight for fun.
  • Jasmine is skilled in martial arts.
  • Jasmine can't knit or paint.
  • Jasmine has abandonment issues.


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