Jacy as Little Rainicorn Dog
Name Jacy
Gender Male
Age 17
Species Rainicorn Dog
Relatives Lady Rainicorn (mother), Jake (father), Jade (sister), Jacy (brothers)
Introduced In Finn's Missing
Voiced by Hunter Hayes

Jacy is a character who was first seen in Finn's Missing. He is one of the two sons of Jake and Lady Rainicorn, he was born near the end of the episode and was delivered by BMO, who is a doctor. He Also Seen in Adventure Time with Nico and Snicker


Jade is a mix between Lady Rainicorn and Jake. He is mostly pink and somewhere below are the rest of the Rainicorn colors (which mostly are on his legs). His but on the other hand is in Jake's color fur, this color hair he also has on his head, along with his unicorn. He has doggy ears and a dog's nose. In Nico and Snicker, He's A Hot Rainicon Dog in Land of OOO. But Loyd is the Cute and Hotter than Lacy. He Talked in only Engish.


Just like her mother she is capable of stretching her body to full lengths and shoot colors out of her unicorn to change the color of the objects she hits. But in addition to that she can also stretch her legs just like her father. He is better at using his stretchy powers and thus can stretch much more than his siblings.

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