"Ice To Toes Transcript"
Season 4, Episode 001
Production code: 001
Director: Jico
"Tier Steps"
"Jake's Flashback"

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{{Finn: This is your last chance, Ice King! Release Potato Princess, or we get to steal your crown!

Ice King: NO! Even if you give me ¥200, I wont! I want a wife and there is no- *gets punched by Jake and his crown gets stolen*

Jake: Hey, Finn, I never ever ever wore a crown before, can I wear. His for just 5 seconds?

Finn: Nah man, If u wear that, you will become lunatic and lose control, ao better not do it.

Jake: Hmph.

scene changes to the Tree Fort at night

Jake: One little crown, coming up, *wears crown*


Finn: *wakes up* Huh? Jake? *gasp* *goes outside*

Jake!! You better take off that crown and- *Jake kicks him causing him to bruise*. Son of a- *Jake freezes Finn's mouth which acts like censorship* Anyone!! Help! Jake's gone banunununus!

Ice King: Phew! Good thing I could still fly! So, Finn, whats the prob- OOOH!!!!!!

Jake: *freezes IK's foot*

Ice King: It Darn!

scene changes in the sky where Birds are fighting over a rock

Bird: Yeah, you better give that so- HEY! *rock falls to Jake's head which the crown lands on Ice King and Jake is cured*

Finn: Thanks, Bird!

Bird: No probs, *flies away*

Ice King: Hey, guys, since Jake isnt lunatic anymore, lets go to my house for Game Night! Monopoly sounds good, hm?

Finn: Sure, Monopoly is kinda cool.

Scene changes to IK's house where the three plays Monopoly

Ice King: Aww... Come on guys, you always get the car!

Finn: Whats so bad about the boot?

Ice King: I told you a thousand times, it may stink or not, I dont know!

Finn and Jake stares at each other blank-minded}}

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