Ice Prince
Ice Prince
Name Ice Prince
Gender Male
Age 13
Species Ice Elemental
Occupation Prince
Relatives Ice Queen (mother), Gunter (father)

Ice Prince is the genderswapped version of Ice Princess. He was first introduced in the episode "Fionna and the Flute".


Ice Prince is a young boy with blank eyes and spiky, white hair with bangs that are usually covering his left eye. He has a light-blue skin with darker blue freckles. He wears a crown on his head, which resembles the one of Ice King. He wears a dark blue tunic with a golden shoulders and the edges of his tunic are also gold. The edges of his tunic are tightened with golden bands. He wears blue trousers, blue shoes and a light-blue cape. He has blue cuffs with golden bands that have a ruby on them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ice Prince has Ice Powers and is the only one who didn't master them by wearing a crown but had them since birth. The main application of Ice Prince's powers are the large icy lightning bolts he shoots at his opponents. He can also manipulate the water in the air to create shields, and can even create torrents of icy weather at will. Also seen is that the Ice Prince is able to manipulate any ice in the area telekinetically.

Even though the Ice Prince does possess a weakness towards heat and fire, he can withstand it for a period of time if need be. He can create a strong ice dome that withstands the fire elemental's power for a longer period of time than one would typically consider the interaction between ice and fire.

Another common use of his Ice Powers is the Ice Prince's ability to fly. Unlike his mother who uses her long hair to fly he can actually fly because of the hair of Gunter he has inside of him. Penguins originally could fly and he got a hair from his wings, thus gaining that ability too.

He also has the Lichblood Pike, given by Arthur. Which can summon beings that follow his every command.



Arthur visits the gender swapped dimension oftenly and they became good friends. He then gave Ice Prince The Lichblood Pike

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