Hunson Abadeer
Lord of evil
Marsha and Marceline's father, the Lord of Evil
Name Hunson Abadeer
Gender Male
Age 1000+
Species Demon
Occupation Lord of Evil
Relatives Marceline (oldest daughter)

Marshalia (youngest daughter) Rose Abadeer (wife)

Introduced In It Came From the Nightosphere
Latest Appearance The Final Battle
Voiced by Martin Olson

Hunson Abadeer (a.k.a. the Lord of Evil), is Marsha and Marceline's father and ruler of the Nightosphere.

In "It Came from the Nightosphere," he is freed from the Nightosphere by Finn, who believed that Marceline and her father should be together. Hunson initially shared a shaky parent-to-teen relationship with Marceline that involved an evil rampage throughout Ooo, sucking the souls of many creatures such as the Fuzzy Friends, the MaraudersHot Dog Princess, numerous ants, most of the penguins in the Ice Kingdom, and some Tree People. He was ultimately defeated by Finn, who released all of the captured souls and sealed the deathless being back into the Nightosphere. Hunson managed to reaffirm his love for Marceline just before leaving. He probably has not been out of the Nightosphere for some time because when he finds out that Marceline turned the family axe into a bass he asks, "Did you turn it into some kind of a lute"

He appears briefly in "Memory of a Memory," in which he is seen eating his daughter's fries (which he later says were cold in the episode "It Came From The Nightosphere"). The incident that caused a rift in their relationship and led to Marceline writing her "Fry Song."

He reappears in "Daddy's Little Monster," trying to trick Marceline into taking over the Nightosphere.

Hunson Abedeer appeared in the episode "All the Little People" as a tiny C-lister.


Original SeriesEdit

He claims to be "completely evil" and is shown to be extremely rational, as well as


Hunson, ashamed at what he's done in Daddy's Little Monster.

cold and calculating (these are later shown to be effects of the Nightosphere Amulet). He also shows care for things he deems evil; on the animatic, it shows that he is commenting and observing how Gunter is the ."..most evil thing [he] has encountered" and apparently asking for Gunter's soul before Gunter hits him in the face. Gunter, the Ice King, Marceline, Jake (because he was in Finn's pocket), and Finn were the only souls that were spared during his rampage through Ooo. However, he is not completely emotionless, as he is apparently moved by hearing his daughter's song. He also confirmed that he loves Marceline, and that he was deeply sorry he ate her fries, never meaning to hurt her. This also seems to have changed his personality, as even with theNightosphere Amulet on, he is far less evil than before, implying that this was a result of the fry argument he and Marceline had. While he is far 'nicer' than before, he may only act so to Marceline, Finn and Jake. Exemplified by the video in "Daddys Little Monster," before he realized who Jake was he was quick to act hostile toward him. He also seems to have a sense of humor in which he threatens the Marauders in the form of a joke and plays along with their leader's response, calling himself their "Mama." He is also heard singing a song about "sucking up souls and stompin' on ants," though these attributes are not present in Daddy's Little Monster. Hunson appears to care for Marsha as his last daughter. In "The Secret Sister," he seems to "middle-name" Marsha when she's in trouble. However, many parents "middle-name" their children. according to Marsha, Hunson pets her in his sleep. He also uses "sweetie" as an endeerment for Marsha. He seems to use only the word "sweetie" the most. He never calls Marsha by "baby" or even "honey."

With Marceline, it seems rather the same. Also according to Marsha, Hunson slaps Marceline in her sleep. He uses different endearments for Marceline than only one.


He is first shown exiting the Nightosphere as a mass of tentacles, eyeballs, intestines, and various other like

Marceline's Dad

"I'm stealing your soul"

appendages, but his usual form consists of a vampire-like humanoid with a light blue skin tone, pointy ears, flat dark blue hair, a dark business suit and light yellow eyes with neon pink pupils. His movements are occasionally jerky and unnatural, moving with what appears to be additional or especially stiff but flexible joints. He has the ability to shapeshift, like  both his daughters, and has been seen with a second, monstrous head with a vertical mouth that usually hides inside his normal mouth (an effect of the Nightosphere amulet). When he transforms into a large monster this monstrous head emerges and replaces his normal head. He wears a pair of red boots just like Marceline. However, without the Nightosphere Amulet, he sports a white tank-top, a pair of green-striped pink boxers, and has a slightly bulging belly that is hidden when he is wearing his suit.


Marceline described Hunson Abadeer as "deathless," apparently meaning that he is immortal even going as far to say he literally can't die. He is capable of stealing souls (with the nightosphere amulet on), shapeshifting, regenerating, and growing to tremendous sizes. He is very strong and flexible so his body can bend many ways making him extremely adept in conflict. An example of this is his ability to swing his leg behind his head, kicking people in the face who try to attack him from behind; he calls it Karate Kick.

In the episode "Daddy's Little Monster," it is revealed that some of Hunson's powers originate from his Nightosphere Amulet, which fills its wearers with chaotic evil, hinting the amulet was what made him evil. After he takes the amulet off, he is still evil, but it might have been from wearing it for so long.



Hunsun Abadeer giving Marceline amulet

Marceline and The Lord of Evil

Hunson is Marceline's father. For some time, Marceline loved her father. Marceline became upset when he ate her fries, and feels that he doesn't care about her. He would eventually be imprisoned in the Nightosphere and Marceline wouldn't talk to him until the episode "It Came from the Nightosphere."

After coming out of the Nightosphere, she had an argument with him after he took her Axe-Bass away. Eventually, he realized Marceline's feelings toward him when he listened to the song about their relationship. Toward the end of the episode, they had a talk which fixed the problems between them, but was interrupted when Finn sent him back to the Nightosphere.

Hunson, however, wishes Marceline to take over the Nightosphere in "Return to the Nightosphere" to make him proud. He eventually realizes his fault, and admits that he is proud of Marceline for who she is. In this episode, it also shows that Hunson uses the term "baby" as endearment for Marceline. His relationship with his daughter also seems to have a powerful influence over his personality, as he acts completely evil in his debut due to possible bitterness from their previous argument but after hearing Marceline's song, he acts much nicer afterwards in his later appearances. As an additional result from this, Marceline now visits her father while he is in the Nightosphere. 


In "The Secret Sister," he tells Marsha to stop messing with Finn and Jake and takes her back to the Nightosphere. In "Trapped in the Dark," he drops Marsha off at Marceline's for the day and at the end, asked if she had fun, curious about his daughter's day. In "You're Invited," at the very begining, she is sittiing right next to him on the couch, but only talking to Ice Princess, not him. In "Runaways," Marsha states that Hunson hates her due to the fact that Hunson constantly yells at her. However, it's because of Marsha's behavior and Marsha realizes that it's somewhat her fault. She stands up and leaves for home just as Ice Princess leaves. In "Thank You Glob," Marsha sits next to Hunson both at the dinner table and one the couch. Hunson seems to hold her close on the couch, showing some close connection between the two. Also, when Marceline says that Hunson and Marsha were preparing dinner, you could hear no arguing in the dining room. In "Cerberus," Marsha states that she also has authority to let Jake go home. This reveals that Hunson lets Marsha have some authority over the Nightosphere as the Demon Princess. In "One is a Lonly Number," he seems worried for Marsha, since the season starts with Marsha locked in her room for five weeks without, bathing, eating, drinking or even going to the bathroom. In "Marshaamada," he is tricked into eating a cupcake made by Marshaamanda, who he thought was Marsha. In the episode, Marsha states that Hunson always petted her in his sleep, instead of slapping her. Marsha also says that she was "Daddy's little girl." Marsha, when tortured and scared, is whimpering for Hunson, calling him "Daddy." When Hunson frees her, Marsha begins hugging him, saying that she was scared. Hunson is then soothing her, telling her it was going to be okay. 

In the special "The Rise of Insanity," Marsha's insanity begins eating away at Marsha's sanity. She only told Finn about her condition and tol him to stay away from her when her mind was about to snap. Marshaamanda then comes to Marsha with a knocked-out Hunson Abadeer. Unfortunatly, this is the last straw and Marsha, already horribly driven to the edge, kills Marshaamanda in a horrrible manner. Marsha laughs manically as the last of her sanity broke. She stops laughing and looks at Hunson. She takes him back to the Nightoshpere, puts him in his bed, and writes a not, telling him that she's not coming and home and to stay away from her, due to insanity.

Hunson, confused about the letter, goes to confront Marsha, but sees how insane Marsha has become. He tries to reason with her, but is slapped very hard when he tries to grab her. She then realizes that she was holding a daggar behind her back, and tells Hunson not to talk to her in person ever again. The next to intervine is Finn and Jake. She traps them in her hideout and plans to kill them for going against her wishes of being left alone. Hunson tries to reason with her, this time through the door. She asks what he going to do to stop her, he doesn't awnser, but he only leaves. She then tries to kill Finn and Jake, but the duo only stall her until Hunson comes back. When he does, Marsha picks up a rifle. Finn warns Hunson about the rifle. Hunson then turns into a blood mist cloud and comes behind Marsha, holding a gun to her back. She then drops the rifle and picks up a knife. Hunson smacks the knife out of her hand. Marsha then picks up a metal bat and tries to wack Hunson with it. Finn and Jake interviene again, only to be forced to the ground. Finn and Jake try to reason with Marsha by reminding her of all the good times. Finally, it's Hunson's reminds of all the times they had together as father and daughter. This gets through to Marsha, for Marsha starts mumbling lyrics to the song "Monster." She drops the bat and pulls a dark red glob from her chest. 

Pshyco Marsha forms from this blob. She then tries to kill the real Marsha and Finn, Jake and Hunson. She forces Marsha over a cliff, Marsha hanging for dear life. Hunson tries to stop pshyco Marsha, only to be hanging over the cliff himself. She the forms claws and sinks them into Marsha's hooves, and causes Marsha to fall off the cliff, however, Finn and Jake catch her and save Hunson from falling as well. Finn and Jake then battle pshyco Marsha and push her off the cliff, falling to her death. They get Marsha to the hospital, and tell her she was fine-except for her wings. The special ends after Marsha talks to her father, apologizing her abusive side and that she was gone for now.

In "My Little Serial Killer," Marsha tells the story of how she began to kill people. It all starts when she's four nad she is helping Hunson with something. She finds out it's killing an innocent man (she thinks it was writing on a chalk board). She is told not to look in the room no matter what she hears. She looks anyway and is horrified. After arguing with both sides of her brains, she hears the man who her dad it trouring asking to be killed at that moment. Marsha then picks up a knife that Hunson used and killled the man herself. She then feels guilty and vows to never kill another soul as long as she lived. however, this haunts her dreams and tells Hunson about it. Hunson is mad about it at first, but then finds a way for Marsha to go to sleep.

In "The Problems Between Hunson and Marsha," Hunson and Marsha don't exactly see eye to eye on everything. In "The Surprise Births," he seems shocked at the fact that Marsha gave birth to a daughter "Sugar Drop." In "Hunson and Marshy," she is shown to have deep feelings for the Hunson Abadeer. She says she loves him, and find herself refusing to move out of the Nightosphere. She is shown to have a strong emotional bond towards him, loving of him as a father, and being worried about his well being.

In "Adventure Time: The Movie," Marsha is totally angry at something and when Hunson tries to talk to her, Marsha turns around and snaps at her father. Later, she relizes her mistakes and goes to find him to apologize. In "Adventure time 2: Friendship is Magic," Hunson falls on Finn when he follows them through the portal to Ponyville, Equestria. When Marsha tries something dangerous (taking Queen Chysalis head on), Hunson scolds her, until Marsha finds courage to stand up to him.

In "Adventure Time Live Action," Ralph Fiennes and Mathison Chicetawn betray Marsha and Hunson Abadeer in the live action redone of how Ooo was made. Marsha is first seen when Finn is tied up in a chair and she stands in the darkness. She begs her father not to fight the Lich, but Hunson ignores her, and fights him anyway. Marsha intervines and the Lich grabs her by the tail spins her around, and discards her, hitting her head hard on a tree.

In "Adventure Time 4: The Revenge of the Dark Princess," when Dark Princess banishes Marsha and Jake, he and Finn stare in shock. As Dark Princess go towards them, a look in Hunson's eyes show that he was depending on Marsha to save them. Close to the end, after Dark Princess is defeated, Hunson and Marsha tearfully recoline in front of an entire crowd, though they didn't really care.

In "Adventure Time 5: The Psycho Returns," they appear to argue alot during the entire adventure, which causes Finn to break into the argument and try to calm things down.

In "Adventure Time 6 : Creepy Fears", Marsha is afraid to tell Hunson about all the scary My Little Pony fanfictions she read and the My Little Pony videos she's watched over the years behind his back, but acidentally shows her fear by being too jumpy when Finn whispers a phrase like "Wanna help me make cupcakes?" in her ear. Hunson is a little mad at first but then tells Marsha if she had told him sooner, they would've dealt with the problem ealier.

In "Adventure Time 7: The Legend of Marsha," Hunson is forced to stop Marsha by telling her that she couldn't be a hero. Hearing this, she runs away and refuses to talk to him. Even as Hunson tries, it finally sets Marsha off and begins screaming at the top of her lungs until she's out of breath and loses her voice.

In "Adventure Time 8: Super Finn and Mario", Marsha reveals that her first Mario game was given to her by Hunson Abadeer on a Christmas when she was only three.

Their relationship continues on into some video games. In "Adventure Time BuritoMan Mystery Madness," in stage 10, Marsha, Finn, Marceline and Jake are all playable characters as they beat the boss in that stage, Hunson Abadeer. In fact, one badge on the game says that you can unlock it if you use Marsha to battle Hunson Abadeer and succeed. In "Adventure Time All-Stars Battle Royale," Hunson's enemy in the game is actually Marsha. If Hunson wins, Hunson (in a cut scene) walks over to Marsha lying helpless on the ground and helps her back up, apogizing for their fight. If Marsha wins, she does the exact thing to Hunson. In "Adventure Time: Heroes of Ooo," Marsha is only a boss once and when she isn't she fights alongside Finn and Jake as they defeat Hunson once again. After the battle, Marsha (in a cut scene)walks up to her father and confronts him. 

Hunson interacts far more with Marsha than with any other character. He seems to serve the role of a father and a father figure to Marsha, since it was largely Hunson who raised her since infancy, and is very loyal and protective to the princess.  Much of his time is spent ensuring the welfare and comfort of Marsha. Marsha seems to show much more respect to her guardian than to any other of his friends and does not insult him at all; completely contrasting her relationship with Marceline. In one instance, when Marsha was a baby, she bit Hunson for waking her up from her sleep. This was the only time Marsha has ever attacked Hunson and once she older, Marsha has respected Hunson since then. However, Marsha did smack Hunson in the face once, which was when she started aruging with Marceline and went out to smack Marceline, although that was an accident. 


Finn freed Marceline's father from the Nightosphere so that Marceline could have closure with him. The Lord of Evil was under the impression that Finn was Marceline's "evil servant" but, upon learning that Finn is "super good," quickly attempted to steal Finn's soul. Hunson then took Marceline's guitar and, using it as a battle axe, stole souls throughout the Land of Ooo. When Marceline's father came to his senses, Finn was able to lock him back in the Nightosphere.

Despite this, in "Daddy's Little Monster," he thinks Finn is cool and doesn't want any hard feelings between them. He shows this when he says, "See how I'm not killing you?" Concerning Finn and Jake, he tells Marceline at the end, "They're all right. And that Political Rap ("Demon Apathy")? Pretty great," showing subtle respect towards the two.


In the episode "Return to the Nightosphere," Jake seems pretty calm around him while he video tapes Hunson.


When he confronts Gunter, Hunson says Gunter was the "most evil thing he had ever encountered." They have an argument and Hunson tries to steal Gunter's soul. However, Gunter slaps him in the face and Marceline's father decides not to steal his soul, even going on to shout, "KEEP YOUR CRUMMY SOUL!!!!".

Ice KingEdit

When the Ice King looks for the person "who told Gunter he could fly," he unintentionally confronts the Lord of Evil. He scares the Ice King in his monstrous form, causing the Ice King to soil himself, supposedly "by choice," and fly away.

Peppermin ButlerEdit

Hunson Abadeer and Peppermint Butler

Although they have never interacted on screen, it seems that Peppermint Butler had contact with Hunson and may have good relations with him. If you look closely in the episode "Return to the Nightosphere," there is a picture of Abadeer playing golf with Peppermint Butler acting as his caddie. This may further explain Peppermint Butler's dark past as seen in "Death in Bloom."

Abraham LincomEdit

Abe and Hunson Abadeer
It is possible that Abadeer and Abraham Lincoln or the similar looking character, King of Mars, once knew each other because there is a picture of them together in Abadeer's house in the episode "Return to the Nightosphere."

Super Adventure SeriesEdit

New Super Adventure GalaxyEdit

In Super Adventure Galaxy, Hunson makes a small appearance in one of the opening cutscenes. As Finn tries to enter the Candy Kingdom Castle after being lifted into space, Hunson appears. He attacks Finn with magic, sending him, a Starla and other debris flying off into space. Although his appearance is small, it marks his return in the Super Adventure series and he has stayed in it since.

New Super Adventure Bros. WiiEdit

Hunson Abadeer appears as a boss in "New Super Adventure Bros. Wii". He appears as the boss of World 4. This is the only time he is a boss in the game, however, since Marsha is the final boss instead of him.

In the castle battle, Hunson appears to protect Marsha. He prevents the player(s) from jumping on Marsha, so instead, the player(s) will have to evade all Hunson and of course Marsha herself and wait for either one is vulnerable. When Hunson is defeated, he falls off-screen while Marsha is released from her spell and Finn gets the key to World 5.

Hunson survived the battle, however, and was seen along with the other villains getting back up, only to go back into his castle as the others leave.

New Super Adventure Bros. UEdit

Hunson reappears in New Super Adventure Bros. U as a major antagonist and boss. In addition to starting the purple tornado that shrouds the Candy Kingdom Castle, Hunson appears at the beginning of Boom Demon boss fights to empower him, by giving him new abilities, or enlarging him. Hunson also appears at Screwtop Tower to empower the boss of the tower, Boss Sumo Dark Wolf. Hunson makes his appearance as a boss in  a tower, where he uses magic blocks which contains enemies to crush the players and shoot magic blasts that turn the blocks of the floor into donut lifts upon contact. Finally, Hunson makes one last appearance at the end of the first Marsha fight in The Final Battle, where he is unconscious and being held by Lord Grim, who wakes him up and convinces him to turn Marsha into Giant Marsha to fight off Finn.

At the end, the villains and Lord Grim are on their wrecked airship (Lord Grim had inadvertently damaged the Airship when attempting to crush Finn earlier) and fly away. The weight causes the airship to crash. Lord Grim flies away in his Koopa Clown Car to fly away, with the other villains holding onto the rim and lined up like a chain.

Episode ApperarencesEdit

Major ApperancesEdit

  • It Came From The Nightosphere
  • Daddy's Little Monster
  • End of the Nightosphere
  • The Problems Between Hunson Abadeer and Marsha
  • Hunson and Marshy
  • The Secret Sister
  • Trapped in the Dark
  • You're Invited
  • Garlic and Peanut Butter
  • Thank You Glob
  • My Friends Part 1
  • My Friends Part 2
  • Now and Forever
  • Saved by the Nightosphere
  • Uncle Uno
  • Hunson and Marshy

Minor ApperancesEdit

  • Memory of a Memory
  • Return to the Nighosphere
  • All the Little People
  • Most Magical Magician
  • Death Trial
  • Lost Memory
  • Marsha and Brine
  • Vampire Rock
  • Jam Jam's Favor
  • Hunson Abadeer


  • Stakes of Gum
  • Discovering Unknown Lands
  • Runaways
  • Sweet Revenge
  • Cerberus


  • Adventure Time: The Movie
  • Adventure Time 2: Friendship is Magic
  • Adventure Time 3: Heaven or Hell?
  • Adventure Time 4: The Revenge of Dark Princess
  • Adventure Time 5: The Psycho Returns
  • Adventure Time 6 : Creepy Fears
  • Adventure Time 7: The Legend of Marsha
  • Blood Ties
  • Blood Ties 2: Demon's Illness
  • Adventure Time BuritoMan: The Origin
  • Adventure time: Ooo Friends (mentioned)
  • Adventure Time: Ultimate Dungeon
  • Adventure Time Live Action

Fanfiction AppearencesEdit

Hunson Abadeer QuotesEdit

See Hunson Abadeer/Quotes


  • Marceline and her father are voiced by Olivia Olson and Martin Olson, who are father and daughter in real life. Martin Olson was a staff writer for Penn and TellerRocko's Modern Life, Camp Lazlo, and Phineas and Ferb.[1]
  • He wears red boots similar to the ones Marceline wore in "Evicted!."
  • He is the boss in the game Sound Castle 2. Once you defeat him, you get a badge.
  • In "It Came from the Nightosphere," at the moment when he was sucking out Gunther's soul, you can see a little bit of his "monster form" head at the back of his throat. Also in that same episode, when he trys to suck out Finn's soul when Finn screams, "What are you doing?!" you can see his monster form in the back of his throat reply, "Stealing your soul!" You can also see the head when he yawns in "Daddy's Little Monster."
  • According to writer Adam Muto, he is more of a demonic creature than a vampire.[2] It was confirmed that Hunson is a demon, not vampire, by Andy Ristaino.
  • His statue in the Nightosphere jail reads "Hunson Abadeer, our great leader, with us for eternity."
  • According to Jesse Moynihan, Marceline's dad's name is the name his brother gave their car when they were kids. Jesse was also in a band called Hunson Abadeer, but they only wrote one song.[3] Given that he is (in effect) the Lord of Hell, it's worth noting that 'Abbadon' has been used by Christian writers as a name of a destroying angel, and by Jewish sources as a region of Hell.
  • In "It Came From The Nightosphere," the eyes of his monster form are green, but in the video shown in "Daddy's Little Monster," the eyes are red.
  • His full name was revealed in "Return to the Nightosphere," prior to which he was known exclusively as "Marceline's Dad."
  • In DKH's Episodes, he is never an actual antagonist in the entire series.



Demon FormEdit


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