Step 1Edit

Marsh is going to be about the same complexity level as Marsha or maybe even easier. Start with a simple circle for the head and then draw in a face guide as well as the body guide.

Step 2Edit

Now you will draw out Marsh's face shape and when that is done begin drawing out his emo hairstyle (similar to Marshall Lee). The ear should also be incorporated with the face lining.

Step 4Edit

Now that the face and head is all done, you can now start drawing out Marsh's body. Start by making the neck, and then draw in the shirt collar as well as the shoulders, and outer lines for the arms.

Step 5Edit

You will complete the shape of the body by making the arms and hands, as well as the torso or chest. Notice how the bottom of the shirt is in a straight line.

Step 6Edit

Next, draw out the hips and legs as well as the pants or jeans that Marsh is wearing.==Step 7==

Finally for the last step, all you have to do is draw in some feet or shoes. When that is done erase or clean up the drawing from mistakes and guides.

Step 8Edit

This is the line art step where you get a good look at how Marshshould look. Start coloring in your work. Great job folks!

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