Holy Kingdom


Holy Kingdom




King of Truth


Land of Ooo

Notable Inhabitants

Holy Villagers

Alex Jameson

The Holy Kingdom is the kingdom that always snows and is ruled by the King of Truth. The kingdom is simply made entirely out of stones. Holy Villagers are the citizens of the Holy Kingdom. Alex Jameson was the only inhabitant ever known. Going to the chapel and celebrating there is probably their tradition.

The Arcane UniversityEdit

This is the main center/building that most villagers attend to go to learn magic and powers. This is also the King of Truth's castle.

Physical compositionEdit

The kingdom's walls are made out of stone, as well as it's architecture. There is grass and dirt there, as well as plants and tree's.

Alex's house is the only building that is not build out of stone. Instead, it is made out of wood.


The Holy Kingdom has it's own millitary, known as the Knights of the Five. They use watch towers and bombard towers to protect the Holy Kingdom.


The Holy Kingdom is known for it's satanists. Every day, they go to chapels and bless at their altars. Priests were also part of the kingdom, too.


The Holy Villagers use special coin's known as "Crystal Stollars".

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