Herr Führer
Herr Führer
Name Herr Führer
Gender Male
Species Nacies
Occupation Commander/ Leader
Introduced In Sewer War

Herr Führer is first seen in Sewer War where he acts as the main antagonist. He leads the army of Nacies and invades Beautopia where the Hyoomen Tribe lives. He wants to take over Beautopia to make it his base of operations, but gets stopped by Finn, Jake and Susan.


Herr Führer is a tall black clothed man. He wears a long black coat with a black uniform underneath. He wears a belt, has buttons on his uniform and several medallions. He wears long boots and gloves. He is a zombie transhuman and therefor wears a gas mask to hide his ugly face. He also wears a hat and a band around his arm with and N on it.


  • He is a parody of Adolf Hitler, Nazi's Mein Führer.

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