Hellion, the Beast Queen

Hellion, the Beast QueenDrawn by SpazzyFox

Hellion (Full name 'Hellion, the Beast Queen) is the RATHER young queen of the beasts; her parents were killed by the Vampires when she was young.


Hellion has very pale skin, almost white, with brown dashes of dust on her cheekbones. She has A LOT of red and brown mane-ish shaggy hair. She puts some of her hair (most of the time) under her chin and around her face, giving others the opportunity to tease her that her hair is a beard. But, she pulls it back sometimes, to prove that it's not a beard. She wears an orange shirt with an X-shaped belt on it, which connects to her ripped grey pants. She has small, fuzzy ears peeking out of the top of her mane (these are not costume, they are real), and paws for feet. She has basic fangs, and black cuffs around her ankles and wrists. When she pulls her hair back, he has one around her neck, too. She also has a fluffy little brown tail that is tipped in red.


Hellion is a wild, untamed tomboy who doesn't really think before she does, getting her stuck in sticky situations. She either is a stubborn grump, or an outgoing tomboy. She lives in the harsh Beast Kingdom, making her a tough daredevil. She is as cunning and crafty as a fox, and as quick and swift as a deer. She loves playing pranks, and has a wry humor. She loves using sarcasm, and is very good at it.


Although no pictures are up for her alternate forms, Hellion can transform into many beasts, like wolves, bats, foxes, and hyenas. Hellion survives on prey (mice, birds, ect.), water (durrhurr), honey, berries, and she's a sucker for pie.

Hellion does enjoy singing, though not the best. She isn't terrible, but she's not incredible. Drawing is a fun thing for her, too.



Marceline and Hellion are pretty good friends, although Marceline is a vampire. Hellion often gets teased about her "beard" hair, which she LOATHES. Hellion always gets her back, though.

Finn and JakeEdit

Hellion likes taunting them and playing pranks, and messing up their fights. Jake is scared of her, like he is scared of Marceline.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Hellion is not very friendly toward her. She usually is a taunting bully when she's around Princess Bubblegum, and Bubblegum fights back. They are not friends.

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"It's not a BEARD!"

-Hellion, the Beast Queen