Name Greed
Gender Male
Species Sin
Occupation Deadly Sin
Relatives Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust & Envy (brothers & sisters)
Introduced In Death Trial

"Greed" first appeared in Death Trial as one of the major antoganists. He is one of the 7 Deadly Sins and thus must be fought by Finn and Jake to go back to the World of Living. He was the third sin to be fought.


Greed bears much resemblance to the Ice King. He is about the same size as the Ice King and also as fat. He has a short curly brown beard and gray skin. He wears a diamond on the place his right eye should be and a short crown with five spikes and three ruby's. He has a golden tooth and a golden necklace with an emerald attached to it. He wears four gold rings with on one of them a crystal. His cloak is dark-green and has yellow lines on the edges. At the bottom of the cloak a line of ruby's are seen.


Being a supernatural being Greed is able to use special abilities.

  • He can shoot rays out of his rings with the crystal.
  • Greed has complete control over metals and crystals which he uses as projectiles to shoot at Finn and Jake. His whole chamber is one big treasure hole, so he has alot of projectiles.
  • Like the Ice King he is seen to fly with his beard.


  • Ice King was chosen to represent Greed because for example, wants all the Princesses for himself. He has his own Kingdom where he is a dictator.

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