Gnome King
Gnome King
Gnome King
Name Gnome King
Gender Male
Species Gnome
Occupation King
Relatives Fairy Queen (wife)
Introduced In Enchanted War

Gnome King is a character who first appeared in Enchanted War. He is the original ruler of the Gnome Kingdom and co-ruler of the Fairy Kingdom (which are actually both very small). She is married to Fairy Queen and wants to take over Elf Kingdom.


Gnome King is a very small person. He has dark-green skin and a white beard. He wears a pointy hat with his crown around it, which has a green crystal. Further he only wears a red mantle with a fur edge that has black spots on it.


He is known to be the strongest Gnome. He is very fast and very good in combat. He uses his golden spear-staff to attack his enemies and also has a hidden bomb in his beard, but it is unknown if he can hold more than one in it.

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