Name Gluttony
Gender Female
Species Sin
Occupation Deadly Sin
Relatives Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust & Envy (brothers & sisters)
Introduced In Death Trial

"Gluttony" first appeared in Death Trial as one of the major antoganists. She is one of the 7 Deadly Sins and thus must be fought by Finn and Jake to go back to the World of Living. She was the first sin to be fought.


Gluttony bears much resemblance to Lumpy Space Princess. She is a giant octopuss-like purple creature. She has a round head with on her forehead the same star LSP has. She has a round mouth with a million teeth and puffed cheeks. She has six arms attached to her round head, then the body goes thinner downwards. Her bottom looks like the roots of a tree, where she walks with.


Being a supernatural being Gluttony has special abilities.

  • She is able to suck her enemies inside of them and consume them.
  • After she has eaten something she can either spit a dirty stew out of her mouth or vomit all over the place. Since her whole chamber is filled with food she has no limit to this ability.


  • Lumpy Space Princess was chosen to represent Gluttony because LSP is shown to eat very much and also is a bit chubby.

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