Name Gina
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Genie
Voiced by Elizabeth Daily

Gina is the gender-swapped version of Gene. She was first seen in the episode; "Fionna and the Flute".


She has a red leather jacket. Inside the shirt, is a grey under shirt. Gina is often seen with jeans, and grey high heeled boots.

Gina appears to be a tall, thin, light-blue, pointed-eared humanoid. She has long blonde hair, which reaches her armpits. Gina almost always wears jeans and a red leather jacket over a grey undershirt. Due to her nature as a genie, her appearance can change depending on the situation.

Gina presumably also has snake-like irises, sharp teeth, as well as a long tongue just like Gene.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

As a genie; Gina can do absolutely anything a human asks her to do, short of murder. While she almost always asks for some sort of payment in return for her services, it is revealed that the payment is not required, magically, for her to do anything. She is shown creating objects and money out of thin air, sending people over vast distances, curing fears, giving people magic abilities, and freezing time for short periods. She was able to make the "Evil-Guy-Slaying-Sword", which is capable of instantly defeating any enemy that the wielder would otherwise be able to defeat. Gina also made the "Ring of Doing Things" which is implied to have vast powers. Often, when she shows off these powers, she usually says "zap" and shoots lightning-bolts at a target, which then is changed according to her desires.

Gina almost always floats wherever she goes, having been shown standing on the ground or walking on few occasions. She will often floats upside-down for unknown reasons. She also possesses several miscellaneous abilities, such as teleportation, transporting herself to the Land of the Dead, possessing others, and generating cotton candy from her ears. It can be assumed that, due to being a genie, the true extent of her powers may be limitless, and are based on his imagination.


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