Firework Princess is the princess of the Firework kingdom.She is also Flame Princess' long lost sister

Firework Princess

No Title

Name:Firework Princess



Firework princess looks alomost the same as her sister. she wears an orange dress

with red flaps. at the bottom of her dress,lies a firecracker with yellow beams.

unlike her sister,she has longer hair and she also has a yellow crown.


Flame Princess

Flame Princess is her older sister. When she was a baby,

she got seperated from her real family,kidnapped by the

Firework King. In the episode " Identical Flame",she was

surprised to see her sister for the first time.

In "Flame Thrower"(upcoming episode) she returned to her real home,

but soon had a fight with her sister.

Firework King

Before discovering that Firework King kidnapped her,

she treated him like he was her real father. When

she discovered that he kidnapped her,she vowed to him that she will never

come back to the Firework Kingdom.


Like her sister, she can create flames but she can also create explosions and firework blasts.

but unlike her sister,if she is exposed to extreme romance,she will not burn through the earth's crust.

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