Fire finn by rabbidlover01-d3eyz9d

Finn the Human

Much like Sonic, Mario, and Luigi Finn can use a fire flower to turn into Fire Finn. His power increases 30%, also like the 3 I said in the first sentence His fire ability will go out if hit mutiple times by an enemy. Finn's anger can outrage to destruction but most likely won't destroy anyon


If you're smart you'll look at the pic, but you can read this if you want.

Hat: Orange

Backpack: Green, same as always

Shirt: White

Pants: Red

Socks: White

Shoes: Black

Strengths and WeaknessEdit

Strengths: He can shoot flames from his hands to jump high into the air. Using Jake's family sword, Finn's strengths increases 230% also ragin his anger to destroying everything in his sight. When using Jake's family sword the sword is lit on fire.

Weaknesses: He barely uses his brain so in this transformation you can say he is "stupid" or "to cocky and outragous" to think before he leaps, though tradegy is something you barely have time to think about one, once or if you have a tradegy, using it is your best way to strink him down.


If Jake uses the flower he will turn to something of party demon Jake and Gut Grinder Jake fused together at his regular height.

Finn can make a sword out of fire once he learns to use the energy.

He literlly spent 5 days trying to control and harness his fire power and use his brain in this transformation in an upcoming episode called Fire, Flowers, Controls, and War"

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