"Fionna and Cake Return"
Season 00, Episode 2
[[Image:6151191490 b7932228a3 b|center|242px]]
Production code: 003
Airdate: 2012-2014
Director: TohruOnigriHonda865
Story: TohruOnigriHonda865
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Finn and Jake meet Fionna and Cake"


The sequel to Finn and Jake meet Fionna and Cake.

The Ice King comes back to the other Ooo causing trouble and Fionna and Cake must stop him by going the to back the normal Ooo also to save... the Ice Queen!? They go to the normal Ooo to ask Finn and Jake for help but Finn has other plans...


Three years have passed since the incidient when the genderbent worlds united and stopped evil, but the Ice King still hasn't forgotten about the Ice Queen when she left. He tries to think of something he can do to to see her again and he remembers...THE VORTEX MACHINE. He plans to go to the Candy Kingdom to steal it and go to Fionna and Cake's Universe to team up with Ice Queen again, then leaves his castle to start his plan. He flies by the candy kingdom and overhears Princess Bubblegum, Finn, and Jake talking about fixing her door in her lab which is where she keeps all her inventions as he spied through the window. 


Major charactersEdit

Minor charactersEdit


  • The timeline of this comic is around season 5 sometime after "Blade of Grass " and before "Betty "
  • This time the art is digitally made instead of hand made.


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