"As the war rages on, there are countless heroes dying pointlessly,honorably. These are one of them."--Finn in Adventure time2

"what have the Reg D'état have accompishled? Why are they here?"--Finn in Adventure Time3:Rise of the Reg D'état

"What have the Reg Dè'tat done?! They were the ones that launched the cruise missile before the war! Now they are killing the ones we love! We know! Our world! And the universe!!!--Finn in Adventure time4:Up Your Arsenal

Finn is one of the many main characters in the Adventure time slayers movie series and the Adventure time V.S regular show saga

Before OooEdit

Finn was from a distant land from Ooo named Dextra, he live a normal life Until the leaders of Dextra discovered that Finn and a puppy named Jake are the chosen ones to be the main protecters of Ooo as legendary heroes. The leaders sent baby Finn and Jake in large separate canisters and were successfully sent to Ooo for a new life. Once when Finn exited the canister on the beach shore (next to where Finn and Jake's future gauntlet dock would be) he wondered where he came from, why was he there, and where's civilization. Finn then roamed into Ooo as a first quest.

new life with JakeEdit

A few days after Finn landed on Ooo Finn wandered into the woodlands Finn pooped on a leaf but fell backwards, crying for a day but no one helped him, so he promised to help any one in need , no matter how small there problem is. (As you saw in the actual show in the episode "Memories of boomboom mountain"). There, Jake's "Parents" adopted Finn, taking Finn to his new home and start a new life with the dog family.


Since news was spreading of and evil force (Reg det'at) was gonna come to Ooo Finn joined the A.U.M on his birthday to help save Ooo. Finn became the main pilot for the force from ranking. He becomes successful and helps Ooo win against the Reg D'ètat saving the planet.


  • The coming of Finn and Jake in large canisters is a reference to Lego's BIONICLE series in 2001. On the part where the toa Mata arrived on the island of Mata nui in toa canisters from a distant land,Karda nui. Go to the Bionicle wiki and find out more about bionicle





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