The doctor in adventure time2 by commonname-d4cxyyo

finn 18

this takes place after too young and takes place after the day incendium happened but in this universe jake was unsucessfulin wooing fp and was killed by flame king.


recently finn has been sad because princess bubblegum was now 18 again and now finn had to restart from square one because the princess now thinks of him as a brother again. finn thought to himself and had an idea. he would turn himself 18. but finn was not smart enough to do that but when did that stop him, he could surely learn. infact he could get alchemy lessons from silverbane his new adopive father (i will tell you how that happened in another story) surely he will help me thought finn. he must he is my only family after jakes death(more to come on that as well). when he met with silverbane he asked to take lessons in alchemy and everything else and silver said yes and taught finn everything in one week (silver is a great teacher). so finn then started to create a potion to turn himself older. he told himself when this is done i will win bubblegums heart andthanks to those other lessons silver gave me i will seem to be another intulectual. finn finished the potion soon and drank it. silver saw finn drink the potion and said finn what did you just do. and before his eyes he saw finn grow up to 18 years old and silver then said well that is unnexpected. meanwhile in the land of aaa silverbanes girlfriend bonnie blade was dealing with diplomatic terms and had a simerlar problem. a girl named fionna learned about alchemy and created her own potions. a age potion that would turn some on 18 and a potion of vampire to human. when silver called bonnie he learned of the delima in aaa and silver was thinking great now i have to deal with 2 18 year olds as if one isnt hard enough and where did finn go. dang it now i have to find him but that shouldnt be to hard.finn is now 18 and decided to go to bubblegum's. finn remebered no one called her princess after the vegtable kingdom took over the candy kingdom in a battle that was awfuy short because the candy soiders kept exploding. the vegtables kingdom were being tyrants. and also he shouldnt call her buublegums either because due to a unfortunate mistake in one of silver's alchemy experiments, she became a human like him but now he is perfect for her. finn said to himself i will win her heart or else. back in aaa the girl named fionna made a age changing potion and a vampirism cure and bonnie was hunting her down to learn more. she had just got a call from silver saying that finn used alchemy o turn him 18 so his situation was not to different. she must be faster or she will not catch her. bonnie then accedently ran over prince gumball and she tripped. how will she explain this.gumball said why did you dothat. bonnie said it was an accedint and i was trying to track fionna.gumball said why are you traking her. bonnie saidbecause she has turned herself1 8 and is going to cure marshall.

i will do more soon wait

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