This movie is a Live Action movie of the show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. It is directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Pendleton Ward. The movie will be relessed in 2015 after the relesse of "The Untiltled Batman Reboot". This episode reveals Fionna and Cake returns to the land of Ooo.


Dark Princess wants Finn dead. So, Marsha, Marceline, and the others must now protect Finn, after being protected by HIM. Fionna helps Finn on his Adventure.


The scene opens by Dark Princess taking over the land. Finn and Fionna fight the Dark soldiers,taking over the land. They both need to upgrade their swords before they fight the dark Princess. But the ice King has a plan would make Ooo disappear forever. Faith steps in in giving a hand to both Fionna and Finn. Allison and Faith are two sisters that are from an iceberg from the great mushroom war. Fionna is aware of getting shot and wounded badly,Finn and the others protect her, looking out for one and another. Both Fionna and Finn get a feel that they are both 12 years old again. Dark Princess releases her army ,causing damage to the land of Ooo. Finn tries to stop her from destroying the rest of the land. Aaa is next. Fionna takes one step closer to her plan. Finn helps her,but he is wounded from a sword fight with the Ice Queen.Fionna gets wounded just a little. Dark Princess looks to her left, It is just Finn doing some sword fighting skills. Finn and Jake are both heading home to their treehouse and danger can happen at any corner. Dark Princess releases her army into action, Finn does know that everything would be gone. He tells Fionna that they have to both save the land of Ooo before it is too late. They both step in action, with Fionna getting hurt by a gun. After the fight, they comfort each other as brother and sister.The ending takes place after Allison and Faith leave, so, that we could say that the story is going on 10 parts. At the end of the battle, Fionna and Cake Comfort one another like sisters, Finn and Jake are being brothers By playing video games, at the end The first part, Fionna is somewhat hurt and she needs to stay strong. The credits for the first movie role in on the screen. Can Fionna sacrifice her live to save Prince Gumball ? Later, Marsha and Marcline come over. this action packed movie takes place in through the land of Ooo. Can Fionna of a sacrifice in her lifetime to save her brother? We don't know so watch part two to find out.


Jeremy Shada as Finn

Madeline Martin as Fionna

Hyden Walch as Princess Bubblegum

Tom Kenny as Ice King

Grey DeLisle as Ice Queen

John DiMaggio as Jake (Voice)

Olvia Olson as Marceline

Tom Kenny as Starchy (Voice)

Roz Ryan as Cake (voice)

Neil Patrick Harris as Prince Gumball

Andrea Barber as Marsha

Jodie Sweetin as Dark Princess

Ashey Tisdale as Allison

Tara Strong as Faith

Bob Saget as 12 year old Finn

Mary-kate Olson as 12 year old Fionna


Jodi Sweetin is also known for her role as Stephanie Tanner from Full House and the spin off , Fuller House.

Ashley Tisdale is also better known for Phineas and Ferb.

Faith is considered the second best adventure since her and Fionna separated.

Ice Queen's rival,Finn,defeats her and takes her crown.

Fionna is always there to give her advice to anyone.

Dark Princess first live action movie

Tara Strong voices 17 year old Faith

Ashley Tisdale voices 12 year old Allison

Princess Bubblegum is now 18 again.

Prince Gumball is 19 once again.

Finn and Fionna wonder what if we were 12 years old again in the farm world.

Dark princess' Real age is 24 , what her actual name is Alexa .

Fionna is fearless and Finn helps her stay that way.


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