One day while Finn and Jake were out adventuring Finn and Jake had just killed a monster.

Finn stumbles upon a map ,he picks the up and opens it .(his eyes grow huge).

Finn: Yo Jake!

Jake: What?

Finn: I just found a cool,mathematical map! Are you up for some adventurin'

Jake: Yeah! Is a cat green?

Finn: What? You're crazy man.

Jake: No I'm not I'm just a charismatic stretchy dog.

Finn: What evs. Hey let's see if the rest of the gang is up for adventure!

So Finn and Jake went back to the house to call PB,LSP, and Marceline .Meanwhile at the Ice Kingdom the Ice King had listened in on Finn and Jake's whole entire convo,and decided to follow Finn and Jake and hopefully nab some princesses along the way.

Finally Finn,Jake,PB,LSP,LR,and Marceline headed off ! Finally they made it to their destination. a cave with a blue glowing light coming from it!

Finn: Wait me and Jake will scope out the place and see if its safe .

PB: Finn we may be girls but were not as fragile as you think. OUCH Marceline you shocked me!

Marceline: No I didn't Bonnibelle!

PB: (tuff voice) You callin me a liar punk!


Finn: Ladies,Ladies just calm down !

Jake: Maybe we should just go inside the cave.

Finn: Good idea Jake theese girls are CRA-ZY!

So Finn and Jake headed in while the girls continued bickering not even noticing that they were gone.

PB: I wonder where they went ?

Marceline: Oh I don't know perhaps INSIDE! DOY-EE!!

LSP: sigh..

Finn shouts from the cave.

Finn: Hey you guys come check this out!

The girls all go in

Marceline: Hey, whats that orb about- WHOA

Everyone: AHHHHHHH!!!!!

PB: It seems like we've been sucked into another ooo.

Lady Rainicorn : (In english) Who are those guys?

Marceline: They look like Gender-swapped vesions of us. I like the vampire one!

PB: I like the Pink one

Finn makes an angry face.

PB: Aww Finn there's no need to get jealous .

Marceline: Hey instead of us talking why don't we go check these guys out.

Jake: Oh there's no need to do that they've been staring at us for a while.

Everyone else: WHAT!

Finn: Oh grob! They're coming over!

Fionna: Hey who are you guys?

Finn: Um well I'm Finn the Human!

Fionna: I'm Fionna the Human !

Finn: You kinda look like me !

Fionna: Kinda except I have some really mathematical hair and this awesome sword!

Finn: Oh yeah (Finn takes of hat slowly)

Jake,PB : Oh my grosh ! You've done it now!

Fionna and Cake : Whoa! that's sweet!

Prince Gumball : Um excuse me ma'am in the pink,

Princess Bubblegum: Yes

Finn and Fionna : HMPH!

PG:I Like your crown.

PB: Do you have your own secret lab?

PG: Of course!

Marshall Lee: Hey Fionn-a (Marshall sees Marceline).

He Blushes .

Marshall Lee: Hey Fifi who's your friend?

Marceline blushes .

Fionna : Well actually I don't know we just met these guys. and stop calling me Fifi!

Marshall Lee flys over to Marcy.

Marshall Lee: Hey Im Marshall Lee the vampire King. what's your name

Marceline: I'm Marceline the vampire Queen,

Marshall Lee: So in a way you're my queen. Haha

Marceline: Do you have a Bass guitar?

Marshall: Duh of course! he kisses marceline's hand

Lumpy Space Prince: What the Lump Gumball !!

Pirnce Gumball: Hey Lumpy Space Prince I think I'm in Love!

Fionna : Whatever.can you believe this Cake....CAKE! not you too!

Cake: So you like video games too.

Jake : Yeah man, do you play an instrument

Cake: Yeah am I green!

Jake: Oh my GROSH!

Lady Rainicorn:(in english) Hi Lord Monochromicorn!

LM: Step step= Hi

Jake and Cake get jealous.

Jake: Come on babe lets scoot!

Lady Rainicorn: Jake are you jealous ?

Jake: Yeah I mean come on your actin banaynay!!

Lumpy Space Prince: Who's that lumpy space girl over there!

LSP: Whoa! Oh my glob ! who the lump are you?

Lumpy Space Prince: Well I'm the one and only Lumpy Space Prince!

LSP: Starts singing : These lumps,

I know you want a slump up on these lumps

but you can't cause your a chump

A CHUUUMMMMMMPP So go back to your dump!

Lumpy Space Prince: OH MY GLOB.. I love that song!!!!!!

Meanwhile at the cave .......

Ice King: Finn!!!!! Jake!!!!! PB!!!!!

Ice King : Hey gunther where do you think they are ?

Gunther: Wenk Wenk

Ice King : oh gunter! silly little penguin


Cosmic owl: They are in Oooo who!

Ice king : what do you mean who I told you finn and jake

Cosmic Owl: No you sociopath! I mean finn and jake are in Oooo who!

  • Ice king : your no help at all ZAP!

guhther slaps ice king

ice king; WHAT!

Ice king sees the orb and picks it up.

Ice king: OHHHH i could really pick up some chicks with this thing eh gunther!


Ice king yells as he is being transported

Ice king : GUNTER. IS THIS THE END!!!!!!!


ice king ends up somewhere that look like his ice cave just cooler and more femine

Ice king :oooo nice place eh gunter .


Ice queen: well that was a fun shopping trip eh Gaila

Gaila: Wenk wenk!!!!

Ie queen .what is it gaila is it a presence?

gunter : wennnnk weeenk



ice queen whose there show yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice King: Should we go look around Gunter ?

Gunter: Wenk Wenk WENK!

Ice King : Gunter ! Language ! Come on Lets go

Ice Queen: I said WHO GOES THERE! ZAP

ice queen shoots all around her castle,

Ice King then jumps out and yells A HA!

Ice Queen: And just who are you ?

Ice King: Oooh Gunter come out and look a princess and her penguin!

Before Ice Queen correct him and tell him she was indeed not  a princess, Ice King then walks beside Ice Queen and says

Ice King: Hey tuts, how would  you'd like to marry this Ice King and become his queen ?

Ice Queen then pushes him ove ready to zap him when she stops and says.............

Ice Queen: Did you just say Ice King ? ( She remebered an Ice King many years ago during the Mushroom War before he got the crown)

The reason she knew him was because he was once her fiance' until the crown ruined their lives.

After she left hime she found a tiarra, It looked like Simon's ice crown . She picked it up and put it on her head . Before she went completely mad she headed back to ooo when she tripped over the orb that transported her to A.O (alternate ooo).  She spent the rest of her days there alone, looking for prince's to fill her void.

Ice King: Umm would you mind letting me go from under you foot?

Ice Queen didn't realize she had her foot on top of I.K chest. she blushed for her behavior and then helped I.K up of her floor.

IK: Thank you.

Ice Queen: No problem Simon.Ice King gave her a puzzled look

Ice King: Betty, is it really you my princess?

Ice Queen teared up

Ice Queen: Yes Simon it's me Betty.

Ice King : After all these years (Ice king gives her a hug) to be continued......

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