Finn's Fantastic Voyage is an episode of Adventure Time where Jake goes into Finn's body to retrieve his spaghetti, of which Finn ate believing it was his.






Princess Bubblegum


Lumpy Space Princess

Flame Princess



Simon Petrikov

Ice King

Gumdrop Lad


[Jake makes a plate of spaghetti and sets on a table and goes to use the bathroom and Finn comes out from the bedroom and sees the plate.]

Finn: Oh plate, there's no hate, I just want, that spaghetti.

[Finn eats and Jake catches him.]

Jake: My spaghetti! Finn did you eat it?

Finn: No.

Jake: BMO is a witness!

Finn: Um, we took BMO to soccer practice.

Jake:Did you eat it?!!

Finn: Alright, yes.

Jake: Dude, I spent forever cooking that!

Finn: I didn't digest it! Maybe PB has something that can help!

[The screen cuts to an outside view of the Candy Palace and then inside showing Finn, Jake, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum.]

Finn: So do you have anything that can help us?

Bubblegum: I could get you to go into your own body. Perhaps we should try that?

Finn: That sounds like a bononza idea!

Jake: Wait Finn, maybe I can just make another plate of spa-get-me.

Finn: Come on dude it'll take a few minutes, we still have time to get it!

Bubblegum: This serum I made will put us inside your body.

Marceline: So will it like turn Finn inside-out and we go inside of him?

Finn: Sick!

Bubblegum: No, our artificial inteligience will transport into smaller versions of us and will go into Finn. The only problem is we don't have small versions of us.

Finn: Hmmmm. WAIT!

[Finn pulls out the bag with small people from All The Little People]

Finn: These peeps might help us.

[Scene then cuts to Finn sitting in a chair and the others passed out also in chairs. Finn, still holding the bag looking nervous and sweating.]

Finn: This is probably how Simon felt when turning into the ice wad. I should look outside for happy things!

[Finn looks out the window seeing Flame Princess watch Lumpy Spac Princess chug down a can of beans.]

Flame: I don't think that's a good idea.

LSP: I'll do what I lumping want!

[Finn then closes the window and hatches a new idea.]

Finn: I'll sing a song!

Okay, now my friends are tiny and inside of me

I'm also strapped to chair which is really bad

It is because I have to pee

Yeah, now my friends are as small as Gumdrop Lad.

[Finn then widens his eyes.]

Finn: I can't think of more lyrics! Think Think Think...HURK!

[Finn then barfs out the tiny people and pours the serum on them, making their real bodies awake.]

Finn:Are you guys alright?

[Jake then takes out the spaghetti and points at it.]

Jake: Bwah Bah Blah Bwah

Finn: Uh oh.

Everybody except Finn: Bwah Bah Blah Baaah Bwak Bwwwaaam.


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