Final Fiction Part 3: The Temple of Death is the 5th episode of my fanfiction series.

Episode Summary

Finn wakes up in a parody of Indiana Jones.


Finn gets up and saw he's in a big concrete temple! Jake says they are looking for The Crystal Sword, and Finn says they should hurry. Jake says Beemo gave them a ride here in his airplane, and Finn thinks that was cool. Finn and Jake went up the stairs and see it. Finn quickly grabs it, and then an army of indian goblins attacks them. Finn tries to kill all of 'em, but they just keep coming! But then a big boulder starts coming down behind them, so they run with the goblins following. The Ice King in old clothing freezes the boulder and ran. Finn says to get to the airplane fast. Jake tells Beemo to start the plane as they jump in. As they fly off, finn sees a tornato! He screams as it sucks him up and blasts him away. He wakes up finally in bed next to Fionna, Jake and Cake. He says, "I had the coolest dream, or dreams. You were there, Jake, and you, Beemo, but you two weren't." Cake tells him he fell in the hole and got knocked out. Finn gets up and asks if they got any golden rabbits, and Fionna says they just used coins. Jake gives Finn some cool stuff- a light sword, and a magic glove and a whip. Finn laughs and screams,



  • This parodies Indiana Jones.
  • At the end, it has some references to Wizard of Oz.
  • This marks Finn's newest weapons,the Magical Glove, the Light Stick and whip.

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