Final Fiction Part 2: Space Wars is the fourth episode in my Fanfiction series, and part 2 of the three part movie parody saga.

Episode Summary

Finn wakes up in a Star Wars parody.


Finn gets up and sees the medevil-like stuff is gone. Now he sees two suns, and the glove is gone! He asks some guy where he is, and they say, "Your on Sandybah, our home planet!" He is excited to be on a new planet, and then the lady tells him to go down to the garage sale. He goes down and finds a small droid that looks like Beemo, and a golden one who looks like Jake. Finn buys them both and heads back home. Finn finds a message with Princess bubblegum, "Help me, Obi King Kenobi, your my only hope!" Finn travels to the Jedi Kingdom, witch is now totally destroyed. Finn is disapointed and starts to leave when a wierd dressed goblin knocks him out. Ice King, in Jedi clothing, drags Finn to his hut with Jake and Beemo following. Finn gets up and shows him the message, and he says she has been captured by Dark Lich, the evil dude on the Dark Star. Finn and the gang get a ride from a finely dressed Me-Mow. They blast off and Ice King gives Finn Jedi training and a light sword. They get to the Dark Star and Finn saves Princess Bubblegum disguised as a Demon Trooper while Ice King stupidly goes to blow up the space station. Finn comes back with Princess Bubblegum and Ice King says, "I pressed the explosion button!" The Dark Star counted down from 5, so they all rushed to the ship! They jumped in it, but it blew Finn up out into space! He landed on hard, concrete ground.


  • This parodies Star Wars.
  • This was inspired by the Futurama episode "Bender's Game", where they go into Bender'sa Imagination witch is a parody of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.
  • Fionna and Cake don't appear in this one.

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