Final Fiction Part 1: Lord of the Glove is the third episode in my fanfiction series. It is also the first part of the three part movie parody saga.

Episode Summary:

Finn falls into a hole and enters a Lord of the Rings parody.


Jake tells Finn he needs to capture some golden bunnies. Fionna gives him a big net and sends him out. Finn runs into the woods and spots one in a tree. He climbs up it and starts throwing rocks at the golden rabbit, but one hits a branch that breaks and it knocks Finn down into a hole. He gets up but notices something is different, because everything is medival-like. A tall Ice King tells Finn that he must take the magic glove and throw it in Mt. Enchiridio, a big volcano. Finn goes along and puts the glove. A short Jake with hair says he will go with him along with Beemo, and Finn happily agrees. Jake stretches into a cart, and a horse-like Lady Rainicorn drives them. They reach a castle when a battle comes. Finn orders them all to attack the goblins, who are lead by the Lich. Beemo uses a Mario-like attack, Finn slices four goblins in half, and Jake steps on the rest. They fly on Lady Rainicorn to the volcano. They stop at a resting place to sleep. Finn tells them he will hunt for food. They all sleep, but Finn just stays outside. He loves the glove and wants to kill them so he can have it. When they wake up, Finn tells them to follow him up to the mountain, but he thinks of the plan while they march. They finally make it up the mountain to the top, and Beemo tells him to throw it in. Finn says, "No, the glove is MINE!" And runs. Beemo grabs it from him, but Finn rips his arm off. Jake snatches it and throws it in the fire, but Finn jumps into it and grabs it. He falls into the fire and wakes up in a sandy hole.


  • The title is a reference to Final Fantasy.
  • This parodies Lord of the Rings.
  • When Finn chases the rabbit, it references Alice in Wonderland.

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