Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen
Name Fairy Queen
Gender Female
Species Fairy
Occupation Queen
Relatives Gnome King (husband)
Introduced In Enchanted War

Fairy Queen is a character who first appeared in Enchanted War. She is the original ruler of the Fairy Kingdom and co-ruler of the Gnome Kingdom (which are actually both very small). She is married to Gnome King and wants to take over Elf Kingdom.


Fairy Queen has a peach colored skin, and very light blonde hair tied up in a knot where she also wears her crown that has a green ruby. She has six green wings, which resemble the ones a dragonfly have. She wears a light-blue dress that reaches over her knees and blue shoes.


She is known to be the strongest fairy of them all. She naturally has the ability of flight and can cast several magic spells. She only has shown to heal and to teleport.

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