Evil Finn vs Fionna is the 2nd episode in my Fanfiction series.

Episode Summary:

The Lich controlls Finn and Fionna must save him!


Finn and Fionna are looking for money inside a well. Fionna tells Finn they should look in the big pit next to it. Finn jumps inside the hole and Fionna rests. Finn finds a chest with a skull on it, so he opens it to see if any money is in it. A big ghost came out and went inside his head. His eyes glowed bright red as he climbed out of the well. Fionna sees him when she woke up and asks where the money is. He says they need to get some stuff. He runs to the Mega Candy Kingdom Store and runs back out with a magical dark sword. Fionna asks why he needs a new sword, and he says he wants to destroy Ooo. Fionna freaks out and realizes he has been controlled by the Lich. She calls Jake and he says she needs to suck the evil out with an Evil Sucker. She goes to the store and buys one, and then she heads back to Finn. Finn was drawing pictures of burning houses and thee Lich on a mountain of skulls, also on fire. She turns the machine on and the evil gets sucked out and the Lich appears. Finn slices him with his new sword and he disappears into death mist. Fionna is releived that he's okay, but Finn doesn't remember it. He does give her a bag of jewels and runs back to the treehouse. She tells him to wait and she runs along.


  • Cake is not in this episode, and Jake is only seen on the phone.
  • This is Finn's newest sword, the Magic Dark Sword.
  • This is like a Halloween special.
  • This is the first time a main character is the antagonist.

Se the next episode:

Final Ficton: Part 1

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