Flame Princess is now 100% evil, and now she wants Finn to be evil, too, so that they can be together.


Flame Princess and Finn were waitng for BMO to get them a snack (Jake would normally get the snack but he's on a vacation with Lady Raincorn) Flame Princess told Finn that she needed to be evil like her father. Finn said that she didn't HAVE TO, but Flame Princess said that if she didn't, she would get destroyed by her father. They said nothing for quite awile, then Finn was wondering where BMO was with the snacks. Finn looked in the kitchen and saw that BMO just ate the last of the snacks. BMO was afraid that Finn would get mad at him, so he said that they were out of snacks and said that he would go to the store to get some more and that he would be right back. So Finn decided to bring back up the subject that Flame Princess didn't have to be evil and said that he wouldn't EVER go to the dark side. Flame Princess ran to Finn's bedroom and Finn followed her. She got on Finn's bed and took off all of her clothes and said, "Maybe this will change your mind." Finn just smiled and removed his clothing and and went on the bed with Flame Princess. After they had their "fun", Finn put his clothes back on and said that he would turn evil for her. She put back on her clothing and they were about to go to the Fire KIngdom, but then suddenly Marceline opened the door. She said that she came to return a movie that she borrowed from Finn. She asked Finn where he and Flame Princess were going. Finn said that he was now evil and would go to the Flame King and tell him the great news. Marceline said that he couldn't do that. Finn yelled, "YES I CAN!" and threw the movie at Marceline, which knocked her out. Then he and Flame Priincess went to the Fire Kingdom. Flame Princess saw that Finn was really crazy (and mean) as an evil person. So when they got to the Fire Kingdom, Flame Princess told her father that she didn't want to be evil anymore and that she wanted to be good so that she could be with Finn. The Flame King got angry at the news and almost killed Finn and Flame Princess. He was not succesful, though, because then Marceline came with a hose and sprayed the king with water. Finn and Flame Princess returned home and then Finn told Flame Princess that she could stay with him for as long as she wanted.

Major CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Flame Princess
  • Marceline

Minor CharactersEdit

  • BMO
  • The Flame King

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