"End of The Nightosphere" is the third episode of season six of "Time Adventure Time."

"End of the Nightosphere"
Season 6, Episode 3
Airdate: ???
Director: Leonard McLean 14
Story: Leonard McLean 14
PWritten &
Storyboarded by:
Leonard McLean 14
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"More than One Love Story"


"The Problem Between Hunson Abadeer and Marsha"


Finn, Jake and Leonard help Marsh, Marceline, Marsha, Marshall Lee and Hunson to kill Death.


The episode begins as Finn and Jake begin preparing for Finn's birthday (whom was turning 15). Finn says he's real excited about his birthday. Jake then tells Finn that he invited all of their friends. The first one to walk in is Leonard. Finn walks up and shakes Leonard's hand. Finn then states that this is gonna be the best birthday ever. Suddenly, a portal opens, and Hunson Abadeer, Marsha, Marceline, Marshall Lee and marsh come tumbling out. Marsha's head ends up in the tree. Marsh falls on top of Marshall Lee. And Marceline and Hunson Abadeer land side by side. Marsh springs up. Marshall Lee hisses and reveals his claws like a cat. From inside the tree hole, Marsha says something in spanish. Finn shocked to see them, asks why they are at the tree fort. After wishing Finn a happy birthday, Marsha explains that they were kicked out of the Nightosphere.

Finn looks at the portal. Marsha pulls her head out of the tree. She says that she is going back there to deal with Death. Finn offers to help her. The rest follow (except Jake). Jake, not agreeing with Marsha's plan, Jake becomes uncooperative, but since they're running out of time, Marsha drags him forcibly into the Nightosphere. As they enter the castle, a Nightosphere guard stops them. They are all knocked out.

They all wake up in a pile of bananas in a jail cell with their memories completely lost. Hunson and Leonard have seemed to have lost their amulets. They find out that they are still in the Nightosphere when their jail guard tells them where they are and after asking how they can get home, he explains that they can't unless "he" allows them. Then they, along with other demons, are set free because they cannot leave anyway. They climb up through a hole and look around to get a good view of the Nightosphere, after that they ask for help from a Half Monster Demon who tells them to climb into him and he will carry them to the Teller.

After being dropped off at an empty river, they go up to see the Teller. When it is finally their turn, they have to stand in a long line. Thet then follow Death to the castle. There, they fight their way back to the portal in order to get home.

Everyone (except Marsha) go into the portal and escapes. Finn asks where is Marsha. When Marceline reenters the Nightosphere portal, she find Marsha under a flaming wood beam, holding the Nightosphere and Moon Amulet. When Marceline comes back, Jake is making pancakes. Marceline says that Marsha might be dead, so Finn says that she must go to the Land of the Dead to retrive her sister's soul.

Marceline opens & goes through the portal. After viewing the terrifying environment of The Land of the Dead, Marceline takes an escalator down to the entrance. She then runs into a gatekeeper who admits people to the land of the dead. Not believing her cause of death ("because I'm a hard-rocker"), the gatekeeper tells her to step out of line, but she walk past him, which the gatekeeper is unable to stop.

Next, Marceline come across skeletons that try to kill them for her flesh. she tries to fight them off in vain, when Marceline turned into a bat monster and said "I'm not a banana!," the skeletons were shook of for a while. They are able to put themselves back together when knocked apart. She runs away and hide in a hole from the skeletons, troubled at their slow progress at getting Marsha's soul back.

Marceline rushes out of the hole, sneaking past the skeletons that are still looking for them, and stops on a bridge crossing over some searching skeletons. As she enters the castle, Death is tending his zen garden and notices Marcelline hiding behind a tree and shouts "Hey. Hey! I see you!." Marceline then comes out and announces she isn't leaving until he gives back the Marsha's soul. Death becomes more irritated as he cannot stand Marceline on his property, telling her to leave. Marceline then grabs her ax-bass and attacks Death.

After a long fight, Marceline confronts Death and tells him to give back Marsha's soul and never mess with her friends or family again. Death is forced to Marceline what she wants, then his face gets broken by Leonard. After Marsha is resurrected, Marceline apperars again. The episode ends with everyone smiling, saying happy birthday to Finn.


Major CharactersEdit

  • Finn (turns 15)
  • Jake
  • Leonard (first appearance)
  • Death
  • Hunson
  • Marceline
  • Marshall Lee
  • Marsha
  • Marsh

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Snail


  • The snail is seen on the pancakes.
  • It was revealed that Leonard wears the Moon Amulet.
  • This marks the first appearance of Leonard on Season 6
  • Captain James Cook is seen on one of the pictures of Finn and Jake's tree fort.
  • It is unknown if Leonard will appear on another episode of Season 6.

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