"Enchanted War"
Season 2, Episode 27
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Their First Adventure"

"Enchanted War" is the wenty-seventh episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Elf Prince needs to help his kingdom in the war against the Fairy Kingdom and the Gnome Kingdom. Marceline hates the enchanted fairies and gnomes


Finn and Jake princess bubblegum and marceline  are just doing nothing when suddenly Elf Prince appears. He says he needs help because his kingdom is being attacked by two other kingdoms. Finn looks up and notes that it isn't really fair. Elf Prince explained and says the gnome and fairy kingdom teamed up to defeat the elfs. Finn and Jake stand up and follow Elf Prince. When arriving in the Elf Kingdom see everyone preparing for the upcoming war. They head into the castle and meet Elf King and Queen. Elf Prince says he brought the heroes of Ooo. Elf King says that it is their job to inviltrate the kingdom of both the fairies and the gnomes to defeat the Gnome King and the Fairy Queen.

Finn and Jake both seperate, Finn goes to the Fairy Kingdom while Jake goes to the Gnome Kingdom, because Finn lost in rock-paper-scissors. Elf Prince and his parents stayed back to defend the kingdom. The episode keeps switching between the three battles.

Finn: He arrives at the Fairy Kingdom after sneaking his way in. He makes his way through the corridors of the Fairy Castle when he suddenly has to pass two guards. Finn flutes and distracts one guard who looks who's there. Finn then beats him up. He goes to the other soldiers and also beats him up. He continues to the throne room where he sees the Fairy Queen and battles her. Fairy Queen begins to zap at Finn with spells which he blocks with his Demon Sword. He attacks her, but she manages to teleport and dodge the attack. After some teleporting Finn sees through her tactic and slashes her arm after she appeared again. Fairy Queen laughs and heals herself. Finn gets mad and throws his sword at her but the Fairy Queen teleports in front of Finn, and Finn quickly gives an uppercut. He grabs his sword and ties up the Fairy Queen.

Jake: He arrives at the Gnome Kingdom. Jake makes his way through the Gnomes by stretching into one. He goes into the castle saying he has an important message for the Gnome King from the Fairy Queen. So they let him in. When he comes in the throne room he faces Gnome King. The Gnome King runs around very fast, which is no problem for Jake as he stretches his arm and spins around slamming the Gnome King against a wall. The Gnome King throws a bomb out of his bear which hits Jake. Jake stands up again and stretches his arm into a hammer while the Gnome King draws his golden spear-staff. The two engage combat but Jake wins when he sees Gnome King is too much focussed on the battle, so Jake wrapped his arm around him making him unable to move. Jake grabs his rope and ties him up. Gunter ruined the ice king's tv   ice king screamed gunter what have you done! That's it gunter you ruined the tv  you to buy TV for gunter   gunter says wank                              i got the idea! Gunter stay here! With ice queen  gunter whats wrong you ruined ice king'   in the marshroom war battle begins to battle fire bird resembles flame princess destroys the house Elf Prince: The fairies and gnomes attack the kingdom and many elfs go out to fight. He sees his mother fighting hand-on-hand and his father zapping green orbs with his staff. Elf Prince grins and goes into the battle. He uses his nature magic to make earth shocks, throw enemies in the air with the ground and creating rock spikes. After some time he noticed that the fairies and gnomes are going away. Elf Prince looks in the distance and sees Finn and Jake with the captured Gnome King and Fairy Queen. They dropped the two in front of Elf King and Elf Queen. They say that their kingdom is now them and that he strives to let all the elfs, fairies and gnomes live in peace together. He takes the crowns of the two and destroys them. You are citizens too now, enjoy your stay. The Elf King said. Finn, Jake and Elf Prince sit somewhere and enjoy the nice weather. princess bubble gum gets banned by elf king.


Minor CharactersEdit

  • Nymphia
  • Elf Army
  • Gnome Army
  • Fairy Army
  • Snail
  • ice king [cameo]
  • gunter


  • Snail is seen in the corridor Finn is walking through.
  • the fire bird resembling flame princess