Elf Queen
Elf Queen
Elf Queen
Name Elf Queen
Gender Female
Age 39
Species Elf
Occupation Queen
Relatives Elf Prince (son)
Elf King (husband)
Introduced In Visiting Elf Kingdom
Latest Appearance Enchanted War

Elf Queen was first seen in Visiting Elf Kingdom where she was introduced to Finn and Jake by her son, the Elf Prince. She later re-appeared again in Enchanted War where she led her amry in the fight with the other kingdoms. She is the wife of Elf King.


Elf Queen is very young in appearance, duo her age. This is because she bathes in a special creme that keeps her skin young but she also is some years younger than her husband. She has long blonde hair which is gray at the bottom. She has light-blue skin and wears a pink battle-uniform with golden lines. Mostly she also wears a cape but during battles she doesn't has it on. She wears a black belt and necklace and has black sleeves and stockings. In addition she also wears a crown with a ruby on it.


Elf Queen, as an elf, has the natural ability of flight. Elf Queen is best known for her great melee attacks, defeating almost everyone in hand-on-hand combat. She occasionaly uses some magic if she really has no other choice but preferes hand-on-hand combat.


  • Her crown resembles the one of Princess Bubblegum, and also has powers to protect herself from the Lich.
  • The makers made her very hot on purpose to say that not all queens are old and ugly.

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