Elf King
Elf King
Name Elf King
Gender Male
Age 46
Species Elf
Occupation King
Relatives Elf Prince (son)
Elf Queen (wife)
Introduced In Visiting Elf Kingdom
Latest Appearance Enchanted War

Elf King was first seen in Visiting Elf Kingdom where he was introduced to Finn and Jake by his son the Elf Prince. He is the ruler of Elf Kingdom and the husband of Elf Queen.


Elf King bears much resemblance to his son. Elf King has dark blue skin big elf ears and gray hair. He only has hair on the side of his head, further he is bald, however he does have a big mustache. He wears a red striped cloak with a black shirt underneath. He says he always has it cold so he wears that to keep himself warm. He wears dark blue trousers and black shoes. In addition to that ha also wears a crown. He is never seen without his staff.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elf King, being an elf, has the natural ability of flight. But his main power is to shoot green orbs of nature from his staff. The orbs can grow ivy's that wrap around the opponent. He can also summon ivy's by slamming with his staff on the ground, making him a strong and tactical fighter.

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