Done with the Flames is the sixth episode of Season 4 of Adventure Time.Edit

Finn goes to visit Flame Princess. He tells her that he doesn't want to be with her anymore because he wants to be alone for some time. Flame Princess tears up, and leaves.

Finn visits Princess Bubblegum and asks her if she knows any other girls. Princess Bubblegum tells Finn, "Well, I think I know a girl. She is pretty much a human. Oh, and use this. It's an animal translator. Keep it. You might need it." Finn gets excited and asks Princess Bubblegum where she lives. Princess Bubblegum says that she lives near the cave of Marceline.

Finn then goes to Marceline's cave and asks her about the girl. Marceline replies, "Sure, I know her. Her name is Kate. She lives in that house." Finn thanks Marceline then goes to the girl's house. Finn knocks and a cat opens the door. The cat meows but Finn doesn't understand it so Finn uses the animal translator Princess Bubblegum gave him. The cat asks, "Who is it?" Finn replies that it is him. The cat lets Finn in and then Finn asks it where Kate is. The cat replies, "Kate is in the garden. Back yard."

Finn goes to the backyard and sees Kate, watering her plants. Finn greets Kate and smiles at her. Kate looks at Finn and she greets him. Kate smiles at Finn and tells him, "Hi Finn! My name is Kate. I don't believe we met yet, but I heard of you from Bubblegum and Marceline. How are you?" Finn tells Kate that he is fine and that he likes her. Kate asks Finn if she wants to hang out. Finn says yes, and then they start hanging out.

Finn comes back to the Tree Fort at sunset, and then Jake wonders, "Where have you been, Finn? You missed a bunch of stuff!" Finn asks, "What stuff?" Jake says, "I had a video chat with Grob Gob Glob Grod!" Finn replies, "What the heck, man! You still chat with those dudes?!" Jake complains, "Well, yeah!" "Shut up dude! Anyways I broke up with FP and I met a girl named Kate," Finn tells him. "Make-out adventure?" Jake asks. Finn explains that it is not a make-out adventure, since Jake has always told him that he has make-out adventures. Jake yawns, "Oh man, bro. Let's go to sleep. We got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow! Good night, Homie!" Finn replies, "Good night, Homie."



Major appearances

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Kate
  • Kate's cat

Minor appearances

  • Flame Princess
  • Marceline
  • Princess Bubblegum


  • Grob Gob Glob Grod

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