Is an island that is two miles west from Ooo, the island is top secret because it is location of the secret base named "The order of Ooo". The island hasn't been discovered by anyone except the members of the base. The goal of the force is to protect Ooo at all times in evil taking over the world situations. The order's curent leader is named "Jerlix".


The history of the Island is that it was an artificial island because humans poured so many dirt into the ocean forming the island. The island was created during the "Congress of unity". The island was created because right before the congress the former U.S.A which is now Ooo cause if Ooo got into war the U.S military can use the island for refuge if the forces are pined down, the military was right to make Dextra because after the congress war was declared, at the near ending of the war the enemy was looking for the U.S's last forces that have hid in Dextra but never succeeded in finding them of the island.after the war the military was to stay on Dextra because after the war, the Earth was having almost the exact same reactions that happened after the astroid that killed the dinosaurs. So after the war effects the order found out the U.S.A turned into Ooo and after finding many threats the force turned into a secret agentcey to help Ooo in honor to avenge their families and friends who were killed in war. The following is a list of alive, current and deceased members that are in the order who live on this island.