Name Demons
Ruler Hunson Abadeer

Marceline (temporarily)
Lord Marsha (temporarily)

Reside in Nightosphere
Known characters Hunson Abadeer

Marceline (half demon)
Marshalia (half demon)
Blood Demon

Introduced in It Came From the Nightosphere
Latest appearance The Adventure Time Christmas Carol

The Demons are a species who first appeared in "It Came from the Nightosphere." The only demon who appeared in the episode was Hunson Abadeer, who is Marceline's dad. The other Demons appeared in "Return to the Nightosphere," when Finn and Jake were exploring the Nightosphere. Most of them look completely different from one another. They look different from the traditional demon on the inside, though. Some of them are friendly, and others are very serious and strict. None are truly evil (except the wearer of the Nightosphere Amulet). Another demon was shown in "The Secret Sister " (Marsha ). The other demon that appeared in "Adventure Time: The Movie " is Marsh. However, Marsha and Marsh appear to be evil (even though they don't wear the Nightosphere amulet).


According to stories, demons were specifically made by God in order to keep balance between the alignments and to help with the unkeep pf punishing evil souls. Being chaotic evil is a moral obligation of demons, given that it fuels our dimension and was the duty given to us when their were created. Most lower ranked demons are only capable of changing alignment a step away from where they were before, becoming either solely evil or chaotic, and this usually makes them sick. This is because they don’t have free will. The universe generally falls into nine alignments

Chaotic Good  Neutral Good Lawful Good
Chaotic Neutral True Neutral Lawful Neutral
Chaotic Evil
Neutral Evil
Lawful Evil

Demons are chaotic evil. They're chaotic and do not like rules. They're also evil and make their own interests come before the interests of others. However, since the Nightosphere produces beings that will become the minions of other dimensions, demons here must learn how to exist within a system of rules and when to break it and not to break it.

Demons cannot help each other. Demons are made of chaotic evil. Alignment change will harm them because chaos and evil are essential parts of ourselves. this is because demons don't have souls.

Demons can move a step away from chaotic evil, becoming chaotic or evil, but it’ll make them sick. Demons don’t have souls and thus have no free will; they must act within alignment or they won’t be demons. This is why demons were created.

With language, Demons can automatically have our languages translated for mortals. but with Marsha and Marsh, they learned the languges themselves instead of using magic to speak other languages.

Demons have no after life. Once Demons die, the demons return to the soup of chaotic evil from which we were born.


Notable DemonsEdit


  • They were first mentioned at Wondercon 2012.[1]
  • Most of them were designed by Andy Ristaino.[2]
  • The demons in the Nightosphere excrete bananas from various orifices.[3]
  • It is shown that Demons do have a little hatred to the rules of the Nightosphere.
  • There may be different 'species' of demons as most are different in appearance, but a few are very similar, such as Charlie and his father.


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