Episode SummaryEdit

Five stories told by Cuber, each with a character getting a chance to show up. This is episode ? of my fan series.


Cuber, reading a big book called, "The Land of Ooo." He then turns to the audience and says, "Oh, gleebles! It's me, Cuber, here to tell some more stories! This time, some people you barely see in the show will have thier own story!" He then turns his book around to show the pages, and presses a button on it. A hologram comes up andshows the stories.

Peppermint Butler

At the candy kingdom, Peppermint Butler was eating some steak. "Yum, yum." Suddenly, a portal opened up and Death came out. "Peppermint Butler, I am here. 200 years ago you said you would give me your life today!" He threw a ninja star at him, but Peppermint Butler dodged it. "I was lieing so I could stay in Ooo. I would never listen to you, Death!" He grabbed Death's sword and cut his head off with it. Death turned to a pile of ashes and Peppermint Butler picked up his head and put it on the shelf. He then whispered, "Mors est abiit." And slurped a soda.

Hunson Abadeer

The dust of Death fell into the Nightophere next to marceline's dad, sitting on his throne waiting for his next victim to walk in. A demon walked in to his royal room. "Um, Lord Abadeer, I ask of you for some water!" Hunson smiled, pointed at hi, and he turned to a moving puddle. "Thanks!" He said happily. Hunson Abadeer slumped in his chair. "I think i lost my evilness." He says to his demon slave. "If only I could go beyond just The Land of Ooo... but what else is there?!" He then hits his fist against the table and a book fell off, called The Past. Abadeer smiles, and says, "Maybe it's not is, but was." His slave brings him a machine with a clock on it and the words, "Tempus Diabolus" on it. He pressed the back button and held it down. He disappeared in a flash of light. He fell into Scandinavia. He saw Simon Petrikov sitting on a rock. "I could just turn him into a bomb... but I should do this slooow." He took something from his pocket the Ice King gave to him (a spare crown). He dressed himself up in human clothes, and walked up to him (he isn't cold, maybe because he is cold blooded). "Sir, would you like this crown? It is priceless, but for one day, it is free!" Simon smiled and said, "I'll take it!" And he took it and got into his airplane. "Now to see the results..." He presses the forward button on it a little, and appears at Simon's house. Simon is bearded and alone. "Why did I buy that crown? I'm going craz-" He suddenly fell on the ground and screamed. He came back up laughing as the Ice King. "Good enough." Hunson said, and he went back to the present.


It flashes to the present with Ice King sleeping in his bed. His crown is off, so Gunther comes in, "Quack quack." He takes the crown, and also decides to get the Ice King's spell book. Gunther opened it up to a page with the spell "Profor". Gunther closes his eyes and moves his arms around, and suddenly he says, "It worked! Time to visit Finn and Jake! Yay!" He clapped cutely and put on the crown and flew off with his magic. He landed at the treehouse and knocked on the door, but no one was there. "I'll just visit for a minute." He came in and saw Beemo asleep. Gunther snuck past him and went into Finn's room. Inside he found one of Finn's hats. He put it on over the crown. "I am a cool Finn." He laughed. Suddenly Bemo came up the stairs. "Stop, thief! I know your weakness!" He took out a bottle and threw it at him. Gunther saw it was bird seed and pecked at it. Beemo got an idea. He got a bunch of birdseed and made a trail of it to the Ice Kingdom. He put a blanket over Gunther and he fell asleep. The crown fell off him, and also the hat. Beemo happily went home.

Magic Man

Beemo passes a rock, that is really the Magic Man's secret entrance to his hideout. He was writing stuff about stuff he scoped with his teliscope. "Yes, this is perfect! I can finally do my experiment!" He brought out a cage, one with Finn in it and one with the snail. "You won't get away with this, you..." helmets from his machine went on the snail and Finn. "I will switch your brains so you can never fight again!" Finn broke out of the cage and grabbed MAgic Man and threw him in the cage. "Hey, you dummy!" Finn put the helmet on him and pushed the button. Magic Man became a snail. "I still am magic!" He used magic to make a giant hand and pressed the buttob again. When he was MAgic Man again, he flied above Finn and exited the hole."How do I get out?" Finn yelled.


Finn dug out of the ground and was out, and tripped over a jar. Flambo came out and said, "Some people have no respect!" He walked over to an abandoned gas station and got a drink of gasoline, making him a little bigger. "Wow! That hits the spot!" He tried to get more, but it was all gone. "Aw, man! No more drinks! How do I get this stuff anywhere else?" He went over to Finn and Jake's house and asked them for gasoline. "Sorry, all we have is charcoal." Jake said. Flambo found a bottle of gasoline, and a note that said, "I'll give you more, from PB." He went to the Candy Kingdom and talked to Princess Bubblegum and she got him alot of it.

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