Dark Princess

Kim Jefferson (formerly)

Dark Princess
Name Dark Princess

Kim Jefferson (formerly)

Gender Female
Age 1000+
Species Dark Elemental
Human (formerly)
Occupation Princess
Relatives Dark Overlord (father)

Unnamed mother

Voiced by Emily Blunt

The Dark Princess (formerly Kim Jefferson) is the second main antagonist of Adventure Time and the main antagionist of the spinoff Marsha. Her typical misdeed is to scheme to take over Ooo, which Marshalia and Marceline foil every time. As her name suggests, Dark Princess is also her title, announcing herself as Princess of All Evil (suggesting that Hunson Abadeer is not actually the original Lord of Evil). She rules the unknown. Some time during the Mushroom War, she lost her dad because of Hunson Abadeer, suggesting her hate for Marsha and Marceline.


Dark Princess is a tall, gray, teenage girl with black hair. She wears a long black gala dress with purple and two long black arm gloves. Dark Princess has a light-gray skin possibly duo her lack of seeing light. Dark Princess is rarely seen without her tiara.


Sometime before the Mushroom War, Dark Princess was a normal, peach-skinned, dark-haired human named Kim Jefferson who lived with her parents as a little girl. Before the Mushroom War she found a magical tiara that she began wearing. During the Mushroom War, she lost her father and her mother was taken away from her. After the Mushroom War she mastered the power of the tiara and seeked revenge for her family. Over time, her skin turned gray because of over use. For a period, Kim befriended some wolves. These wolves would be her Dark Wolves, which she has on her side. As many years passed, Jefferson became disassociated from her original identity. She is no longer human; but unlike Ice King's crown she remained her memories, but she admitted that she rather would forget those terrible memories because they always were haunting her mind. Her species/race is now Dark Elemental.


Dark Princess is normally portrayed as disagreeable, and short-tempered and is a huge threat according to Marceline. A genuinely tragic, lonely, and sympathetic character, Dark Princess spends most of her time scheming revenge on Ooo, in hopes of someday ruling over Ooo. Dark Princess only thinks about herself and when she is being nice to others it is only to use them, she thinks love is weakness this being the reason for her loneliness. She will try to silence anyone in her way, especially her archenemies Marsha and Marceline. Dark Princess is pure evil. Despite doing mostly bad things, it can be said that she hates anyone who's good.

Relationships Edit

Dark OverlordEdit

Dark Princess idolizes her father and strives to be like him. In fact, it was actually her father who gave her the silver tiara that changed her into the Dark Princess. DP always had looked up to her father, so after Hunson killed him, Dark Princess goes out to seek her revenge.

The Dark WolvesEdit

The Dark Wolves of Dark Princess are the only ones she wants to be in company with. She thinks that they are the only ones who understand her, and treats them like they are her best companions. Although she loves her wolves very much, she is very strict to them, mostly when the wolves are making her palace dirty. She has one wolf that is often at her side, he is slightly taller than the rest, and is command of the others.

Ice KingEdit

Ice King is the only other person that Dark Princess conciders a "friend" although she always reffers them as "colleagues". Ice King is the only person who knows about Dark Princess's past, but of course doesn't have the memories to associate her with him, although deep down he knows. The only thing that Dark Princess dislikes about Ice King is his relationship with Marceline. Ice King doesn't want Marceline to get hurt, especially not by one of his friends. Secretly Dark Princess likes Ice King, if only he would be somewhat more serious.


Marceline and Dark Princess are big rivals. Because Hunson Abadeer killed her father, something Marceline wasn't even aware of, Dark Princess wants to take revenge on Hunson by taking something that is dear to him. When Marceline discusses Dark Overlord with her father, she remembers that he is the one that killed her mother. Because her father did nothing wrong, she keeps in rivalry with Dark Princess.

Marsha Edit

Much like Marceline, Marsha and Dark Princess are great rivals for the very same reason why Dark Princess goes after Marceline. Because of Marsha's closeness to Hunson, however, Marsha is a much more constant target.


Dark Princess has had several encounters with Finn, although not many. The times she had encountered him were to use him so she could get revenge on Marceline. Because of Dark Princess's seductive stagities she often manages to manipulate Finn into obeying her. However the last time she tried that it didn't work and Finn defeated her instead.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Princess Bubblegum and Dark Princess have a hatred to each other, mainly because Dark Princess wants to kill Marceline. Dark Princess thus often targets Bonnibel to lure Marceline to her. One time she even tied Bonnibel up making it looks like she was going to do dirty things to her, only to make Marceline more angrier. 

Hunson AbadeerEdit

Dark Princess knows that Hunson took her father away by killing him. She has since been trying to seek revenge on Hunson Abadeer, which brings her joy. But she is aware that Hunson Abadeer is out of her league and thus targets his daughter Marceline to get revenge on him, which she realized herself, is a worser revenge than killing Hunson.

MK vs. ATEdit

Signature MovesEdit

  • Dark Torture: Dark Princess uses her dark magic to grab the opponents hand and then throws them on the ground.
  • Darkness Roar: Dark Princess sends out her Dark Wolf that then rush forward.
  • Black Matter: sends out some black matter that floats over to the opponent and rapidly damages them.
  • Nightmare: grabs the opponents head, sends out a dark aura, which causes them to fall on the ground.
  • Black Hole: she summons a black hole in front of her, and if an opponent steps on it they will fall in and fall out of another portal further away on the ground.
  • X-Ray - Darkness Matters: Dark Princess uses her dark magic to lift the opponent up, she then breaks the spine and throws them on the ground with their knees first.


  • Portal of Darkness: she grabs the opponent and throws them into a portal behind her. Seconds later the opponent falls out of another portal in front of Dark Princess, but only the skeleton falls out along with many blood.
  • Orbital Explosion: Dark Princess stuff a black orb of energy into the opponents mouth, heart and leg. They then explode at the same time. The body sits down with one leg, a hole in it's chest and without a head, exposing a fountain of blood.

Special SkinsEdit

  • Kim Jefferson: the human form of Dark Princess from various flashbacks.
  • Dark Prince (DLC): genderswapped version of Dark Princess.

Video Games

  • Adventure Time All-Stars Battle Royale
  • Mortal Kombat vs. Adventure Time

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  • Dark Princess has a genderswapped counterpart, Dark Prince, in Ice King's fanfiction.