Dark Prince
Kim Jefferson (formerly)
Dark Prince
Name Dark Prince
Kim Jefferson (formerly)
Gender Male
Age 1000+
Species Dark Elemental
Human (formerly)
Occupation Prince
Voiced by Philsterman10

Victor Frost (as imposter Marshaleo Abadoe's singing voice)

Dark Prince (formerly known as Kim Jefferson) is the genderswapped counterpart of Dark Princess. He, like his female counterpart, uses Dark Magic because of the crown that he wears. He is a Dark Elemental but was also a Human formerly.


Dark Prince, being the male counterpart of Dark Princess, looks very much like her. His skin is gray, he has long black hair with bangs covering his left eye. He is clothed in completely black. He wears a pitch-black shirt with a dark-gray jacket over it. He wears the same color pants that has a chain attached to the belt hidden underneath his shirt. He wears black fingertipless gloves and black shoes. The part at the elbows of his jacket is colored purple as are the pockets of his jacket. He wears a silver crown with red ruby's oblique on his head.


Dark Prince has another origin that Dark Princess does. Dark Prince once was called Kim, a name that he disliked very much, although his parents told him that it was a unisex name. Before the Mushroom War he found a silver crown that he began to wear. During the Mushroom War his father died and his mother was killed shortly afterwards. However the powers of the crown that the Kim wore made it possible for him to kill the incoming soldiers. After the Mushroom War he seeked revenge for his family and killed everyone in his way good or not. Along the way he changed, his skin turned gray. But he did met a Dark Wolf who he befriended and remained as his only friend. As many years passed, Jefferson became disassociated from his original identity. He is no longer human; but unlike Ice Queen's tiara he kept his memories, but he admitted that he rather would forget those terrible memories because they always were haunting his mind. His species/race is now Dark Elemental.


Dark Prince, unlike Dark Princess, is much more calmed and relaxed, but is a bad loser. A genuinely tragic, lonely, and sympathetic character, Dark Prince spends most of his time scheming revenge on Aaa, in hopes of someday ruling over Aaa. Dark Prince only thinks about himself and when he is being nice to others it is only to use them, he thinks love is weakness this being the reason for his loneliness. He will try to silence anyone in his way, especially his archenemies Marsh and Marshall.

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