Cotton Candy Queen
Name Cotton Candy Queen
Gender Female
Age 35
Species Candy Person
Occupation Queen
Relatives Princess Bubblegum (adoptive daughter)
Introduced In "His Hero"
Latest Appearance "Thank You Glob"

Cotton Candy Queen (formerly Cotton Candy Princess) is a princess who appears in the episode, "His Hero." She later appears in a redesigned version in "Thank You Glob" as the adoptive mother of Princess Bubblegum.


Cotton Candy Queen first was called the princess of the Candy Kingdom. She made the Candy Kingdom which first started out as a small village. It eventually grew out to the big kingdom it is now. She found Bonnibel somewhere in a cold area in the an alley. She called Bonniebel her child and raised her to be the ruler she is now. She currently travels around the world, seeing all the beautiful places in the world aside from Ooo, which is actually a normal continent compared to the other ones.


Princess BubblegumEdit

Princess Bubblegum, or Bonnibel as she always calls her, is the adoptive daughter of Cotton Candy Queen. Cotton Candy Queen took care of her for the first 18 years of her life and then left her in charge of the kingdom as she herself traveled around the world.

Peppermint ButlerEdit

Peppermint Butler and Cotton Candy Queen go ages back. He was one of the first persons to enter the Candy Kingdom. They have been friends for a long time, she also knows about his connections with the Demon and Dead Worlds.


It is revealed that they did meet in the past, before Thank You Glob. In a flashback, CCQ sees baby Marsha wondering on her own in the woods. She picks Marsha up and tells her guards to contact Hunson about his missing daughter, to which he denies losing. CCQ and Hunson begin arguing and it is actually her who got Marsha stuck in the Nightosphere until the events of The Secret Sister.


Cotton Candy Queen has a white skin with blue striped clothing. She has pink cotton candy hair collected with a turquoise horn. She has two pink cotton candy cuffs around her wrists and a pink collar. She also wears heals that merge with her blue striped stockings.


  • "A baby Poni Demon? Must have wondered off."
  • "I found you lost daughter!"
  • "That's your problem, but you can't just leave her alone and have her escape into the mortal world. It's too dangerous for a baby like your child to wander off in. Find a way to keep her safe, or I will."


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