Comet is a 11 year old human wizard. (sometimes vampire when holds Vamp Stone)
 is and calm boy. He lives in Candy Kingdom helping PB with math stuff.

Appearecnce Edit

Comet wears a dog hat (like Finn's), a baby blue shirt,and shorts.

When in Vampire mode he is blue skinned and has a checkered shirt.

Abillties Edit

  • He uses spells and magic to beat up foes
  • He can suck peoples blood(Vampire Mode)

Relationship Edit


Comet admires Finn and sometimes chills out with him saving princesses.


Comet treats Jake as a regular dog which makes their bond an O.K level

Princess Bubblegum

Comet'a PB's math buddy. He saves her from danger many times.


Comet thinks Marceline is O.K. When she teases him he just hypnotizes her using spells.


Comet befriended Fionna when Finn introduced her. They like to fight each other


Comet seems to like Beemo so Finn gave it to him

Engagement Ring Princess

ERP is Comet's girlfriend. They go on dates a lot.

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