Chunky Place Prince (AKA CPP) is a gender swaped version of LSP. He is the star of Journy in Chunky Place. He is blue. He is hated by everyone in Lumpy Space (exsept LSP, but only at the begining of Journy in Chunky Place ), but everyone loves him in Chunky Place. He has a tuft of brown hair on his head, a monical, and a moustash.

Picture 7

Chunky Place Prince


He was born in Chunky Space with his mom and dad. His Mom is a chicken and his dad is a Lumpy Space person. He had wings and a crown, but his wings disapered with age.



In the first Journy in Chunky Place, Finn calls him his "BEST FRIEND", and CPP ditches LSP for him, so they can go adventuring.


Jake hates CPP and CPP hates him. Jake is jelous of CPP because one time Finn and CPP went adventuring while Jake was with Lady Rainicorn.


At first in Journy in Chunky Place, they were on a date. But after he left her for Finn, she hated him.


  • "Oh my chunk"
  • "We can be 'Prince the Chunky' and 'Finn the human'"
  • "I'm...I'm.....ORANGE!"

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