Christmas Jam
Name Christmas Jam
Artist Finn




Elf Prince


Lightning Princess

Princess Bubblegum

Ice King

Flame Princess



Christmas Jam is a song which was sung by Finn, Jake, Fionna, Marceline, Elf Prince, Marsha, Lightning Princess, PB, Ice King, FP and Leonard.


Finn: It's Christmas, and we have presents stocked up,

Ice King: Listen, I hate Christmas, so shut up

Marceline: So, I know something's your fear.

Elf Prince: That's not really cool.

Leonard: You're being such a fool.

LP: For Christmas time, is the best in the year!!!!

Everyone except Ice King: It's our Christmas jam, and we want to celebrate it with our fam! So come on and join us,

Ice King: No!

LP: Don't be a wuss.

Everyone except IK: Christmas is the best in the year!!!

Jake: Come on, sing the carol, dont be bad.

Fionna: Come on, just do it, or we'll be sad.

PB: For people who are dear.

Leonard: Ice King, you *toot*

Elf Prince: Stop being a patoot.

FP: For Christmas is the best of the year!!!!

Everyone except IK: It's our Christmas jam, and we want to celebrate with omur fam. Come on, Simon, just siiing!!

IK: Why do you want me to sing? It's such a tiny thing.

PB: Ice King, please for things which are so sweet!

Leonard: Seriously, dont be a *beep*!

Elf Prince: Just thing for Betty.

Fionna: You're foot is sweaty!

Finn: Something that we fear,

Jake: That Christmas is once in a year.

Marsha: Just sing it, *sees a duck flying by* Ooh, duck!

Ice King: This suuuuuuuucks!

Everyone: Yeah!


  • This is another Christmas song.
    • This is the first Christmas song which was not sung in a commercial.
  • Leonard swears two times in this song.
  • Marsha is obsessed with ducks.
  • It may be revealed that Ice King hates Christmas.

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