Finn accepts a challenge from Jake- if he can make it cross the Trick Path, he will get a mystery prize.

Plot  Edit

Finn and Jake are watching a goblin going in the Trick Path. "Are you sure you don't want us to help you?" Jake asked. The goblin nodded his head and said, "Yep, I think I can make it." He ran in, and the gate closed. "You know, Finn, I bet YOU couldn't make it in there for a minute!" Finn laughed at Jake's words. "Oh, really, smart guy? I bet I CAN!" Jake took out a box from his big pocket and said, "Here's a challenge: if you can make it back here..." He points to the exit, "I will give you this!" Finn smiled. "I don't care what's in there, I'm gonna get it! Okay, challenge ACCEPTED!" Finn pressed the entrance button, that said "enter if you dare". Finn ran in, and Jake laughed. "You're staying with me, prize!" Finn had stopped at the quarterway point and saw the goblin in a cage. "Help me, I saw a sandwich in here but it was actually a trick!" Finn takes out his sword and chops open the cage door. "Don't fall for those tricks, dude. It's called the Trick Path for a reason!" They both ran ahead, but Finn stopped when he saw a trip wire. "Let's see what this does." Finn laughes, and he takes a rock and drops it on the wire. A giant rock lands on the ground. "Let's climb up the rock!" The goblin says, and he climbs up the rock and jumps to the other side. He sees abig sign that says "This way" pointing towards a cliff. "Those idiots thougt that could fool me?" He walks past the trap, but a giant skeleton crawls out. "Hey, who wants a free ride out?" The goblin runs to the skeleton. "Bye, Finn!" The goblin hops in the hole, and it is closed. THe goblin pops out of a hole, outside the path. "I guess I am on my own." He runs to the exit, whitch is close. He makes a sharp turn, dodging a falling rock trap. "That was close." He says to himself. He sees the esxit and runs to it. Suddenly, the skeleton appears out of no where. "You can not excape! you must become like me, and kill all tresspassers!" Finn then asks, "What about the goblin?" The skeleton shrugs and says, "Meh, I was bored with him. But YOU will be fun to kill! Who would pass up a chance to make the humans extinct? " He jumps at him and tries to hit him, but lands on the ground. "Ow. This didn't happen last week. You can leave now, champion." He throws a metal at Finn that lands around his neck. Finn runs outside and ses jake, who fell asleep with the box in his arms. "WAKE UP!" Finn yelled, and Jake involuntarilly attacked him. "Finn, don't wake a man up when he's dreaming." Jake handed him the box. "I can't wait to see what's inside...." He opens it up, and inside is... a suitcase! "Haha... double box." Jake laughed. Finn impatiently opened it up and inside was a mystery solving kit. "After the whole "almost dieing on your birthday" thing, I decided that you may need a little help with you're detective skills!" In the mystery kit was a magnifying lens, a notebook for writing down clues, a finger-print sheet and a detective hat. Finn put the detective hat over his normal hat and said, "Hey, Jake, what time is it?" Both Finn and Jake yelled, "Mystery Time!"

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