Name Cap-Man
Gender Male
Species Monster
Occupation Guard
Introduced In BMO Classic Collection

Cap-Man first appeared in the episode BMO Classic Collection. He is the guard of the Labyrinth that is ruled by BMO. His job is to prevent that the Ghosts escape from the Labyrinth. He walks around the whole time while eating Pac-Dots.


Cap-Man is a round yellow ball and mostly has his mouth open revealing his sharp metal teeth. He wears a red cap with a light-green propeller.


Cap-Man can devour his enemies in one bite, but only if he has eaten a giant tic-tac. He has many tic-tacs on stack which he contantly eats. However the Ghost can defeat him by posessing him, but Cap-Man is very fast and almost unable to catch and has Power Pellets on stack.


  • Obviously Cap-Man is a parody of PAC-Man. Durr!!!

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