Candy Kingdom Song Edited

Lyrics By BuritoMan


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Candy Kingdom Song Edited was created by BuritoMan. A fanfic song.


In the land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom,

Whose sidewalks you can eat,

And everyone who lives in there,

Is made of something sweet.

There are many Candy People.

Far too many for a name.

But if you care to take a dare ,

We'll try it just the same.

Mr. Cupcake and Starchy,

as strong as they can be.

Pineapple Guy and Peppermint Butler have musicality.

About that Peppermint Butler, a peculiar type of guy.

And once a drop of spicy serum fell into his eye.

Cinnamon Bun is a lot of fun, when he's not falling down.

Chocoberry and Chet, has icings on their crowns.

Doctors Ice Cream and Donut,

Wll fix you up real well.

There's even a nurse poundcake,

To keep you feeling swell.

Dr. Dextrose showed up once,

At the Science Barbeque,

Made a speech then grumble something and off again he flew.

Earl of Lemongrab, can be a crab, he rides a Sour Horse.

There's Taffy Girl, and Candy Bar Guy, and Manfried of course! (Whaat?)

Colonel Candy Corn and Candy Cane Guy, are not the best seat mates.

Lollipop Girl, and Ice Cream Guy, were once seen on a date.

Uncle Chewy and Candy Corn Grandma,

Were revived by the serum.

Jam Jam and Mr. Cream Puff,

were cured along with them.

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