Season 1Edit

(Finn and Jake adventure all around Ooo.)

(Finn and Jake meets Jason and he grants him three wishes.)

(Flame Princess and Finn goes to the Fire Kingdom, but is caught by Flame King.)

(Finn and Jake fights Lord Grim, The Lich, and King Demonicon.)

(Ice King captures five princesses, but Finn and Jake are at Bacon Beach.)

(Finn is transported to Ice King's imaginary zone.)

(Flamark and Flamay has their tenth birthday.)

(Finn and Jake goes to Ice King to befriend, but Ice King has other plans.)

(Finn and Jake meet Lightning Princess.)

(Finn's hats are missing.)

(Flame Princess, PB, Marsha, Marceline, and other girls spy on Finn.)

(Elf Kingdom and Ice Kingdom start a war.)

(PB is captured by the Nut Kingdom.)

(Finn and Jake starts a snow ball fight, but ends up in chaos.)

Season 2Edit

(Finn and Jake tries to spy on Ice King, thinking he has caught a princess.)

(Finn is killed by the Bucket Knight, and Jake and Leonard need to venture to the Land of the Dead.)

(Jake is captured by the Queen of Farts, and Finn needs to save him.

(PB dares Finn to not go near FP for a week.)

(Ice King freezes Finn and Jake, which leads to a fight.)

(Finn asks Susan Strong the truth.)

(Fionna is missing and Marshal Lee needs to find her.)

(Marsha is being racist and Finn and Jake needs to stop her.)

(Marceline and Marsha is sucked back to the Nightosphere, which leads them to venture out.)

(Finn and Jake starts to sing but people are easily irritated.)

(Flint and Shake helps some people with their kindness.)

(Lemongrab increased and starts a war in the Candy Kingdom.)

(Marceline is granted a wish to be mortal for a day.)

(Magic Man turns Ice King back to his human day until midnight.)

Season 3Edit

(Finn and Jake plays tag, but gets wild when they tag Ice King.)

(Everyone is invited to a party, except Finn.)

(Short tales about Finn's love for FP, Ice King's happiness because he found PB's shoes, Jacy cries because pf a booboo, BMO and Football, and Jake's surprise gift.)

(Finn and Jake is haunted by Marceline.)

(BMO has another lesson with Football.)

(LSP is forced to leave her cellphone at home.)

(A game of pillowfight is played, but gets too rough.)

(Leonard is confused because of three promises he made.)

(Lazy Bones is going to the moon.)

(Lightning Princess goes mad and creates a storm.)

(Another knifestorm occured and Jake lost his imagination.)

(Ooo vs Deropia's football match occurs, and Ooo is losing.)

(Jake ate too much ice cream and asks help from Dr. Ice Cream.)

(Icey wants to adventure but Ice King strictly disagrees.)

Season 4Edit

(Marsha turns into Nightmare Princess and Finn and Jake must save Ooo from eternal chaos.) 

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