Blue Flame God
Blue Flame God
Blue Flame God
Name Blue Flame God
Gender Male
Age Immortal
Species Fire Elemental
Occupation God
Relatives Fire Elementals
Introduced In Blue Flames

Blue Flame God is a character who first appeared in Blue Flames. He is the god of the fire elementals and the only one, next to Flame Princess, known to use blue fire. He is the origin of fire and had invluence on the humans that mutated into fire elementals during the Great Mushroom War.


Blue Flame God has a very big head in the shape of a normal flame, his lumbs aren't attached to each other but just float around him. He doesn't have any legs but a specral tail. He also has a very light-blue fire beard.


Being the God of fire, Blue Flame God is a master in using fire. Next to creating normal orange flames he can also create blue flames and even green flames. He is known to be one of the grand masters of the universes along with other known ones; Prismo and Cosmic Owl.

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