"Battle Royal"
Season 1, Episode 26
Production code: 1011-61
Airdate: April 28
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Blizzard Storm"
"No More Adventure"

"Battle Royal" is the twenty-sixth episode and season's final of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


An unknown person has gathered the villains of the Land of Ooo and they have taken over the main kingdoms in the Land of Ooo.


Finn, Jake and BMO were playing video games when suddenly they heard screams coming from outside. The three head outside and saw Farm, Buissiness People and the Swamp Monster attack Cloud People and Hot Dog Knights. They quickly defeat the three monsters and got a phone call from Princess Bubblegum who ordered them to come to the castle. They arrived there and saw a few fimiliar faces. PB said that the villains were taking over the kingdoms and that only the Candy Kingdom was left. Suddenly Lord Grim broke into the castle and fired a barrage of Demonic Eye Creatures to the people in the room. Many were hit and wounded by them, but some were able to escape. Ice King said to follow him. After some time a small group arrived somewhere in the outskirts of Ooo.

LSP asked where they were, Ice King said they were in his old house. Marceline was surprised and flew towards him and asked how he could know that. Ice King said he recently regained some of his memory from the past, but he was too scared to approach Marceline. Marceline cried and hugged him, to the surprise of the others.

Princess Bubblegum said she had collected the data of which Kingdoms were most in danger. She named; Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Slime Kingdom, Wildberry Kingdom, Lemongrab, Wildberry Kingdom, Jungle Island, Mountain Kingdom and a castle has risen in the Grass Lands. Flame King, Slime Queen and the Lumpy Space King & Queen had been taken hostage.

Jason suddenly hears something and the Evil Monster breaks into the house. He is shortly followed by some Gnomes, the Guardian Angel and the Snake Armed Ruby Brain Beast. The heroes fight them while they also protect the ones who can't fight. They see that they are too strong for them and try to flee. Princess Bubblegum places; Slime Princess, Wildberry Princess, Tree Trunks on Lady Rainicorn and ask Jungle Princess to protect them as they fly off. BMO finds a dog door and shouts to the others to escape this way. Everyone follows only LSP gets stuck between the door. Ice King, PB, Marceline and Jason then stay behind as LSP just gets enought time to escape.

Finn, Jake, FP, BMO, LSP, Icey and Earl wander through a long tunnel and arrive in the Slime Kingdom. There they go to the castle and encounter Aquandrius who is the current ruler there. He then calls forth the Baby Pigs. Jake, Icey and Earl fight off the Baby Pigs. FP and Finn then fight with the Aquandrius who easily got defeated by FP's flames.

SP, WP, Tree Trunks, JP and Lady arrived in the Wildberry Kingdom where they encounter the Demon Cat. Jungle Princess fights him and gets the upper hand until she turns around and sees that Me-Mow holds a knife against WP. JP wants to give up but Leonard then showed up and kicked Me-Mow away. JP got the oppertunity to grab her spear and she sticked it into the Demon Cat. Leonard then picked up Me-Mow and threw her out of the window. The group then decide to go to the Jungle Island (WP stayed along with SP).

Ice King, Marceline, PB and Jason were walking towards the Ice Kingdom as they talk about the fight. Marceline asks how Ice King regained his memory's. Ice King told he did some study in his "The Past Room" and now planted the memory's in his head. And he remembered he bought a doll from a guy and now remembered it was Hambo. He grabbed out the doll and gave it to Marceline who was very happy. They arrived at the Ice Castle and entered it and found Ricardio. Ricardio transformed into an advanced battle-suit and fought the four. Out of nowhere the Scorcher appeared and made an explosion sending Marceline and Jason flying towards the Mountain Kingdom. Ice King and Princess Bubblegum then fought the two but couldn't win. Out of nowhere a whole group of Penguins arrived and beat the two villains. Gunter then ran to Ice King and he hugged him.

The first group arrived at the Fire Kingdom. Flame Princess turned a few transparant so they could enter. Earl instead said he wanted to go to Lemongrab. Icey decided to go with him because she didn't like the heat, Jake then also went along for safity. Finn, FP, BMO and LSP entered the Fire Kingdom and fought there with King Worm. King Worm sended everyone, except Finn, into Dreamscape. Finn yelled that they should think of their worst fears. Things began to appear like; a burned Finn, Flame King denying FP and Finn's relationship, and even uglier LSP and Bebe the remote. They awoken from the Dreamscape and King Worm was defeated.

Earl, Jake and Icey arrived in Lemongrab where they encountered and fought the Witch. Earl said he would stay here and went inside. Jake and Icey headed towards the castle in the Grass Lands.

Lady arrived at Jungle Island. There Jungle Princess immediately went into combat with Xergiok. After the battle JP stayed there. Leonard offered to stay too but could go from her. Lady then headed towards the castle in the Grass Lands when they suddenly saw Finn, FP, BMO and LSP walking. They saw them heading into Tree Trunk's cottage. Finn and the rest were inside and encountered the Crystal Guardian. They fought it but just like other times couldn't defeat it. Tree Trunks then fell through the roof and kicked the Crystal Guardian on it's head. She said that they still had to obey her. Tree Trunks then opened a portal to the crystal dimension and sended them away. Everyone was surprised, Mr. Pig came out of the bedroom and asked what was going on. Tree Tunks said to go back to bed and that she would come soon. She wished the other good luck.

When they went outside they reunited with the others and left. Marceline and Jason arrived at Marceline's house and went inside. There they encountered Hunson and Ash. Marceline became angry and fought them with the help of Jason. Jason eventually got Ash and Marceline her father. Marceline asked why he would do such an act again. Hunson told that Ash said they were back together. Marceline said she already had a crush on someone else. Jason nodded and opened a portal that sended Ash away. Hunson asked if that was Jason, Marceline said it wasn't Jason but someone more sweet. Hunson said the two should go, and that he would take care of the house.

PB, Ice King and Gunter arrived in the Candy Kingdom where they met up with Jake and Icey. They wandered through the Candy Kingdom until they encountered Squirrel and Stag. The two stormed at them, Ice King saw they were heading for PB and froze the ground so they would slip. Jake punched Squirrel who flew through the air and got frozen by Icey. Squirrel landed on the ground and broke into pieces. Stag suddenly was surrounded by some Candy People who now dared to come out of their houses. They then began to attack the Stag with bats etc. PB, Ice King, Icey and Jake entered the castle where they found Princess Cookie on the throne. PB asked why he was doing this, because she throught that phase was over. Cookie said he only wanted another experience and then stepped of the throne. He left the building saying he would be going back to the Mental House. The four then also headed to the castle in the Grass Lands.

Eventually the remaining ones were gathered at the castle. They entered the castle where they quickly encountered the Goblintrollninjaghostthing. Jason said them to go ahead so he would fight him. Icey saw he wouldn't make it alone and also helped along with Lady, BMO and Mannish Man who appeared from nowhere. Finn, Jake, PB, FP, Ice King and Marceline continued and arrived at the lair of Lord Grim. Lord Gim laughed and said he could never defeat the three greatest villains. He then awoken The Lich, Ghost Lady and Magic Man. After an intense battle where they later got help from Jason, Icey, BMO and Lady they defeated everyone and everything turned back to normal.





No Team


  • This episode features almost all important characters and also has the largest character list.

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