Name Azarin
Gender Female
Species Fire Elemental
Occupation Ruler of the Fire Kingdom


Relatives King Vulan Flame (husband)

Flame Princess (daughter)
Kalama (brother in-law)†
Flame Princess' Older Brother (son)
Flame Princess' younger brothers (sons)
Furnis (nephew)
Torcho (nephew)

Introduced In "The Mushroom Bomb Theory"
Latest Appearance "Blue Flames"
Voiced by Bella Hudson

Azarin is a character who first appeared in The Mushroom Bomb Theory of DKH's Episodes of Adventure Time. She was revealed to be the mother of Flame Princess, but we only saw her and she didn't had any lines. Later she appeared as a spirit in Blue Flames where she talked with Flame Princess to let her past go.


Azarin has long orange-red hair, although shorter than Flame Princess, that is like fire and as such flows above her head. Her skin is yellow-orange and she usually wears a long, sleeveless dress that touches the ground. She wears red arm gloves that are the same color red as the beginning of her dress and the band on around her dress. She has two diamond-shaped, red gems; one on the crown on her head and the other on the black chocker. But when she is a spirit the necklace is gone, indicating she maybe gave it to Flame Princess.

As a spirit her whole appearance takes a blue form, resembling the Blue Flame God who also is made out of blue flames. This may indicate that when fire elementals die they become blue flames.


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